Is my e-mail working properly?

For the past, oh, I don’t know how many years, I have rarely gotten responses to my e-mails and I often don’t get “message received/read receipts”. This includes e-mail to people I have worked with for decades and to old friends.

(My situation in England is often such that my means of communication are extremely limited and e-mail is often the only way I have to reach people.)


This also included for example asking one of my sisters how she knew that our dad had passed away but never hearing back from her, after she contacted me about this and told me that she too had finally cut off contact with him (as I did thirty-five, forty years ago).

I was ill at the time and I mentioned it. She didn’t even seem to wish me a speedy recovery or anything of that kind either. (I came down with pneumonia later.) Then again, it is not that unusual in itself. My mom’s side of the family has always been rather cold and materialistic and this sister may take after that side.

I have not been able to reach her by telephone for years, with one exception, namely when I was in Amsterdam in 2017, unexpectedly ended up at someone else’s place and called her from there.

This could be merely a funny coincidence that I noticed in hindsight.

And then again, it might not be as I have been plagued by extensive hacking activity for many years from someone who likes keeping me all to himself and who has often interfered with e-mail and explained to me, a decade ago, how one does this, without me having asked for this information. One of the things he sometimes does is insert text into other people’s e-mails to make it look like they are mocking me and another one is to stop e-mails from them and from me, so that I get annoyed with them and they get annoyed with me, for example when they seem to be asking me the same questions over and over and I seem to be sending the same answers over and over.

Nah, I KNOW that I am not imagining it, as it has included an e-mail from a Dutch provider about which I knew that it no longer existed as I too used to have an account there.

I’ve also at times seen, say, 9 messages arrive of which only 3 showed up in my in-box, hours later. This has happened for several e-mail accounts, on different kinds of equipment and I’ve seen it happen very recently as well.

I also keep getting the same message and comment alerts from time to time, on various media. For instance with regard to one particular DM on Twitter, and just now with regard to something I posted on SoundCloud 3 days ago. (Myself!) This constant “nah nah nah nah nah I control your li-hive”… (See top of column on the right, in desktop view.)

What’s also happened once or twice in the course of the past year was that I was logged in to one of my bank accounts, had the computer freeze so badly that I had no choice but to flip the power switch of the wall socket and found that I was still logged in at my bank after I went through the two logins on my computer.

(Etc etc.)

So I would appreciate it if some of you were to get back to me by video so that I can hear your voice and see your face at the same time) if you ARE getting my e-mails but are too busy or feel that I am wasting your time these days (for instance because I am in a very different position than what I used to be in when I was still in the Netherlands and can no longer contribute much to your work). If that is the case, please do not worry about offending me – it’s OK, I understand – but do let me know. Thank you.

I need to know that my e-mail is working properly and is not continuing to get hi-jacked all the time. That is especially important right now in these corona-virus-laden times. Thank you. And stay well.

I wanted to post a screenshot of a message that I imagined I received after some shit happened because I become delusional under pressure, of course, but the upload function of this website mysteriously stopped working then and now posting the image by linking to the upload in Twitter mysteriously has stopped working too:

You may find it if you click on the link. I don’t remember what happened that week but it was not intended to make me smile. What else is new.

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