Another COVID-19 resource, on vaccines


  • Part 1: Antibody drugs that target the coronavirus: A conversation with George Yancopoulos, the co-founder, president, and chief scientific officer of Regeneron, on their antibody drugs in development to treat Covid-19.
  • Part 2: Fighting on multiple fronts: A discussion with Mikael Dolsten, the chief scientific officer of Pfizer, on the multiple routes the company is taking to fight Covid-19.
  • Part 3: Vaccines — can they come soon enough? With a sponsor introduction by Clem Lewin, Ph.D., associate vice president of R&D strategy for vaccines at Sanofi, as well as Tal Zaks, chief medical officer at Moderna and Matthew Herper, senior writer, medicine, and editorial director of events at STAT

What Bonnie Chiu and I have in common

We are both foreigners living in the UK. We both saw what was about to happen. We both started protecting ourselves and those around us. We were both ridiculed, dismissed as over-the-top crazy foreign females.

Then we both sadly gained respect when reality overtook the isolated lalaland illusions the British love to immerse themselves in. I feel somewhat vindicated, but I wish that there was no reason for it.