Did you survive COVID-19 in hospital? Shout it out!

Yesterday, I saw something very inspiring.

I spotted a house with big window-covering banner that announced to the world that a survivor was living in it.

I think it would be a wonderful idea if everyone who ended up in hospital with COVID-19 and came home again would please put up a huge banner or a flag.

It may be good to have something positive linked to the NHS and to COVID-19, too.

I don’t want it to look like COVID-19 is easy to survive and can be shrugged about, but the chances of that are probably slim against the grim background of the many deaths. Nobody wants to land in hospital, anyway.

Survivors, what do you think? What kind of flag or banner should this be? Inspired by the rainbow theme, I was reminded of an image of brightly coloured hands that I have in my computer, but that I didn’t create. All those hands could represent all the hospital workers who helped you survive.

I can’t find the photo right now, but it was a professionally created graphic. What if you all got a piece of white fabric and some kids’ paints and put your hands into a different colour of paint and created a banner that way, with your hand prints.

Like this, for example:




The clapping (which began in my home country) started out as a wonderful idea but is starting to feel a bit as if we’re either cheering for the government or cheering the deaths in the UK, with a total of over 30,000 and possibly expected to double to over 60,000 people whose families, friends, colleagues and acquaintances are mourning them. I’ve noticed that I am not the only one who is starting to have mixed feelings about the clapping. There will be a point at which the clapping is going to stop. We’ll need as many positive reminders as we can have, right? So tell your story. Share it, and celebrate that you’re alive.

Feel free to share your opinion below. (Note that I do screen comments on this website.)

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