Airlines trying to find solutions around quarantine

Article in Dutch “Financial Times”

Yep, what was that senile delusional old cow thinking, eh, people in Portsmouth? Let’s fuck with her some more! We all know that she can’t even be trusted to figure out how to operate a goddamn coffeemaker after all.

Not to mention the fact that I am from one of those developing countries in the east. (Stupid colonial views of foreigners and any universities they may have graduated from.)

The way I tick, I am almost always wondering how we could solve some kind of challenge or make something better. It’s fun!

Brits don’t get that, I’ve noticed. They consider it “daft”. They also consider Americans daft as Americans, for example, tend to be more proactive than Brits or, eh, sorry, English people I should say.

(It’s not as if I have anything better to do, in an environment where most people have convinced themselves that I could never even master operating a coffeemaker and where a local hacker controls who I get to communicate with, which other locals refuse to believe because I can’t even manage a coffeemaker, after all, according to them, while most people still believe that all you need to do to get off a hacker’s computer system is block the person on Facebook or change your Yahoo password.)

As a scientist, I know how scientists and some medical professionals tend to think and how they can easily forget to translate what they are doing in their work setting to the context of people in every-day situations. (You see it some of that with regard to the wearing of masks and other face covers.) They can get stuck in what they are familiar with, unable to look beyond it.

As someone who has plenty of experience in other areas, including the tourism and hospitality sector, I can also see the position of those who aren’t working in a lab or a hospital ward.

As a solution, scientists telling airlines and travel organisations that there are no reliable quick tests does little good. It forces them to come up with their own solutions. One Dutch travel organization is offering customers an antibody test with results after 15 minutes, for
69 euro. It concerns the Orient Gene Rapid Test. Merely condemning it loudly does not contribute much.

Start looking for workable compromises, goddammit.

They also offer a standard PCR test to be administered before travel.

That the average Brit English person believes that women have no well-functioning brains and that everyone over the age of 35 or 45 is as good as brain-dead does not mean that those beliefs match reality. There are also still plenty of people who are convinced that the earth is flat.

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