How to get as much as you can out of everything you’ve got

Thinking is a high-energy activity. It takes a lot of energy to think.

That’s why it is vital to stop tolerating that so many millions in Britain live in poverty, that millions of children in Britain don’t get proper nutrition (400,000 in London alone, so I understand) and why we cannot let vouchers that replacing school meals right now supply food that does not meet nutritional requirements (which applies to 95% of them, so I understand) and why the last thing we need is yet more data, yet more studies about child poverty and food insecurity in Britain (we already have an abundance of those).

I’ve come up with an unusual idea that would definitely work – it’s delightful – but hey, I don’t know anyone in Britain, so I can’t get it started as it’s of such a nature that it can only work if no publicity is given to it.

A news article about something that happened in Italy in combination with some of my own experiences suddenly gave me the idea.

I then contacted someone about it, someone I don’t know, but the person did not respond. (That’s a completely normal experience for me, people never responding to my communications.)

Maybe that is all it takes. Me contacting complete strangers who share a certain interest. Who’s to say that they don’t read my messages and don’t start thinking about what I wrote, after all?