What Brits always seem to get wrong

Life in Britain/England is often like living in some kind of bizarre old western – the wild wild west – a lot of the time, also in terms of how women are treated.

The English way of life is often both pretty violent/destructive/negative and pretty boring, with a lot of malicious gossip, too.

A constant war – at all levels of society – that appears to be aimed at making everyone else as miserable as possible and appears to be driven by envy over other people’s (strangers’) imagined wealth, good fortune and what not.

Most Brits seem to believe that when someone else makes a living, it means that he or she is stealing from them, just like Brits believe that if someone else sleeps well, it means that they stole sleep from them and when someone else is breathing, they stole oxygen from them.

And then they get angry and try to get their money/sleep/oxygen back from the people who they believe stole that from them.

That’s not how it works, folks!

In fact, it’s the exact opposite!

When other people can’t make a living, can’t pay the bills, can’t sleep and can’t breathe, that is when they become a burden on everyone else. Of course they do!

In any case, my fees are not exorbitant fees, but I realise that it’s what it must look like to you.

It’t not unusual for someone with my qualifications to charge over £100 an hour or £800 per day and it’s not true that this only applies for humans with non-detachable dildos.

It’s not unusual for people without any special qualifications to be able to support themselves nicely either, but if you keep voting Tory, well, yes, then you’ll keep struggling financially.

Change your own lives instead of waging your goddamn unrelenting guerrilla wars of sabotage against unsuspecting foreigners and against people who weren’t born in the same town as you.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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