The corona virus crisis. COVID-19

Do you still know what you are allowed to do and what not at the moment? Yeah, me neither.

Although I’ve been relatively quiet about it for a little while on this site and I find myself behaving a little bit more relaxed about it all, the topic hasn’t slipped my mind.

Being more relaxed about it all makes me feel that I am sloppier about it all, but perhaps social distancing is merely becoming an automatic habit now.

I am about to attend another webinar on the topic and I just spotted this in the Guardian that reflects my suspicions too:

‘We need a strategy’: senior clinicians fear UK has no plan for second wave

Do we still need a strategy, in view of the fact that we took action so late that the action we took was not as effective as it could have been?

Yes. If only for the sake of the NHS. It’s a fine balancing act, ideally, between not depriving people of healthcare and of various rights and not having the health services overwhelmed with serious illness, overwhelmed meaning “way beyond capacity”.

Why the focus on the health services? Well, everything else is connected to that, or should be. If you protect the health services, stop them from being stretched beyond capacity, you also prevent that business become overwhelmed with huge numbers of staff falling ill. I think it’s often forgotten that not having lockdowns would also affect businesses very badly.

The third area that is connected to this is what happens in all kinds of care homes. I too say this with the benefit of hindsight because that angle was either overlooked or not dealt well with at all in many countries. It seems to boil down to having adequate protocols and PPE. Do we have those?

Of course, you could also just let it all happen, take no action at all. We humans been through pandemics before. But that’s not something we modern humans are still willing to do and we’d be furious with our governments if they simply let the virus do its thing.

Having a strategy in place does not mean you will be forced to implement it. It stops you from having to run around in a panic like headless chickens if you have no strategy in place and suddenly find you need one. 

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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