Amazon and the new book: Not working out…?

Here is a raw file for the interior of the paperback: pdf. It’s for Amazon, which for some reason refuses to update the cover and is now actively selling the book with a textually flawed cover (the back cover, in terms of layout and one weird typo) that I uploaded last week to see if the design would work out. They okayed it. They’re selling it with an interior file that is not up-to-date either.

If Amazon keeps refusing to update the cover and the interior file, I will pull the book, of course. 

Strange. Only a few days ago, I had to shut down my PayPal business account because of security breaches there.

Also, Amazon’s KDP account on Twitter then started pestering my timeline with ads but refused to respond. 


8 thoughts on “Amazon and the new book: Not working out…?

  1. Have had two responses from them that indicate that whoever replied did not read what I wrote and blindly assumed that I was new to the site.

    I’ll give them 72 more hours. Normally it takes 24 to 48, often less, but it’s busy.


  2. Okay, Amazon KPD has a technical issue and either Amazon is not aware of it or they are unwilling to admit it. It happens. I’ve pulled the paperback version of the book. I think I am done with Amazon. I also hate that you have to make a print book available to the public before you can order a copy to see whether it prints right. That’s just bad business. Will look for other avenues. Suits my personal principles better, too. Amazon is not a good company. It is predatory. Also on its staff.


  3. Anyway, am giving it one last shot – the book is now showing as “unavailable” at least – and may accidentally be ending up with a higher-quality cover. (Ah, the intricacies of graphics suites.) But I do feel burdened by using the Amazon platform. Does not gel with my principles. Will have to weigh it against other factors and then make up my mind.


  4. Success!!!

    (Interior has been updated. Cover has not updated yet on the site, but that can take a little while, yes.)

    But am contemplating what I wrote before, about ethical considerations, and am exploring other avenues.


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