Should I or shouldn’t I?

I just received a spoofed e-mail message from someone in Belgium. Should I tell the person?

No, I don’t think so. It is not coming from her internet domain and it has nothing to do with her. It’s just anonymous local jokers who think that they’re being hilarious when they abuse their position or technical or financial means to hurt or inconvenience others.

How do I know it’s spoofed? It did not arrive at my usual e-mail address and while it was supposedly sent to two e-mail addresses, it only arrived at one.

Plus, there’s been a lot of crap on my computer for the past four days, including this morning. And I am talking about my new computer, the one that has a different architecture and a different OS than the previous one that also had a heck of a lot of deleterious interference.

Anything to drive newcomers out of Portsmouth or to allow local people to bet on the chance that the target will end up committing suicide or whatever it is that is behind their relentless sabotage. Disgusting! And it’s been going on for over a decade. How does this kind of soul-destroying shit come about? Well, I just wrote a book about it.

“Is cruelty cool?”:

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