A suit that I used to have

This is an image that I associate with me, or rather with my pre-England me and perhaps even with my pre-US me.

I even used to have a suit like that too and I bought it before I moved to the US. Very fancy. I bought it at De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam. 100% cotton. By a German fashion brand that no longer exists.

This image is almost the exact opposite of how women are seen and supposed to behave in England… It is good to be reminded of that on a daily basis so I just selected it as my screen photo.

Me and the world’s most openly misogynistic nation do not get along and I doubt that we ever will. And I am probably living in its most misogynistic city.

In any case, it is a nasty, sadistic form of slavery that I am living in. (Characteristic for the local culture, according to Portsmouth City Council, in private. In public, they desperately sell the city as rose-coloured and vanilla-flavoured.) I genuinely wish that I could kill the people who are doing this to me, who are continuing to keep me in slavery.

So that I could be free again, smile again, LIVE again. Not to mention “make a living again, support myself financially again”.

So that I could do and be all the many things that women are not allowed to be and do in Portsmouth, England (according to Portsmouth City Council). 


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