Keep watching this space

This site is currently very messy. I am aware of it.

I am self-employed and also a company director. On 29 September 2020, I was forced to cease working with my existing clients in areas of science and technology because of hacking interference with a EUR 800,000 grant proposal. A month before that, I lost access to my business website and business e-mail although the backup redirect on my business e-mail continues to work; someone then apparently set up a fake LinkedIn profile using my business e-mail address or I am getting spoofed e-mails from LinkedIn that suggest this.

I had worked with clients who use and/or create science and technology knowledge as a self-employed VAT-registered small business since October 1997, initially in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and then in Hampshire, England.

A new way forward is crystallizing.

I know that I have said this several times before.

Over time, it became obvious, however, that I somehow had to incorporate my experience of 24/7 sadistic stalking and hacking of yours truly in my way forward and turn this major liability and embarrassment into an asset. (There is nothing else that I can still do. The hacking is too immensely destructive.)

It takes time to revamp one’s life and professional context (including this site).


But before any of that can happen, my stalking situation needs to be resolved. Conditio sine qua non.

This includes all hacking and cyberspace-related interference such as with the electronic display or the fan or harddisk or one or more controllers or software of any computer or phone or tablet or laptop I use and interference with USB sticks and/or any mouse and/or keyboard input and/or optic drives and/or opening and/or resizing and/or and/or download or upload processes and/or closing of browser windows and/or tabs and/or rebooting of browsers or computers or phones etc, the interference in databases elsewhere for example to stop me from obtaining (business) broadband and a (business) landline such as happened at my previous address which turned out to have been removed in the city council’s database which meant that providers were not able to find a record of my address and therefore unable to service the address and which turned out to have been not a coincidence, the interference with my electricity supply, the interference with any or all of my websites and online profiles as well as any other accounts, interference with my broadband supply and calls and phones, the grabbing of and interference with including alteration of e-mails and other digital information-containing units, luring me to local strangers’ addresses (whether or not by spoofing of or interfering with e-mail related to freecycle), the theft of and any other type of interference with postal mail or packages intended for me, the theft or any other type of illegal interference of post including letters and/or packages by me sent to or hand-delivered by me to my landlord and/or anyone employed at the civic offices whether hand-delivered or sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery or regular postal mail, any interference with cell phone signals and communication with cell phone towers, the calling of police officers for example to ask them or trigger them to play PacMan with me in the streets with the aid of the CCTV system and a number of police cars or cause any other unlawful interference by or deception of police officers or any other law enforcement or authorities including the Home Office/DWP and Portsmouth City Council or any illegal interference with communications between them and me, the writing of harmful or other slogans on walls near my front door whether or not including an arrow explicitly pointing toward my name and whether or not specifically aimed to provoke sexual harassment or worse as well as the throwing of flower pots and peaches cut into the shape of female genitalia and other objects into my personal living space such as happened at my previous address, any placing of advertisements targeting me, any purchasing of digital products in my name or cancellation and/or transfer of purchases of services in my name, interference with deliveries whether from ASOS or Argos or any other company whether or not to insert objects into them, any illegal accessing of my health records (whether or not via people employed at medical practices and even when followed by a thoroughly ungenuine “I apologise profusely/profoundly/etc”) and bank records and the like in any way for example for the purpose of trying to trick me into believing that I have cancer, any sending of gifts for the purpose of causing harm or upset for the recipient or anyone handling such gifts, any work-related sabotage, any sending of spoofed e-mails or other digital communications while pretending to be one of my existing connections or generally attempting to communicate with me by pretending to be someone else, any fatal or otherwise detrimental interference with work to be done by me for new and/or existing clients and income to be realized by me and/or payments to be received by me such as happened at the end of 2019 and in September 2020, any spying on me such as by hiding in bushes or accessing dwellings near me or listening to me via my mobile phone or following me by car or other vehicle in “sleuth mode”, the deployment of flying monkeys and the spreading of false information and/or fabrication and spreading of malicious gossip about me and/or existing or prospective clients or employers and/or friends and/or family and/or colleagues and/or acquaintances by one or both of my stalkers or one or more flying monkeys
– all of which have happened before within this stalking context – 
in other words all mostly not physically direct interference by either or both of my two stalkers while it certainly has to include direct physical interference by such as for example one or more flying monkeys or either or both of my two stalkers deliberately emptying one or more buckets of liquid over me and the lock-picking and/or other means for illegally entering my residence whether or not for the purpose of taking or returning items and/or tampering with electrical wiring and/or water pipes or faucets and/or wiggling of any batteries in any computer so that the computer won’t start up and/or leaving notes and/or moving items and the like and the killing and hurting and harming of any human and/or non-human animals as well as any contacting and/or killing or hurting or harming of any of my friends or former friends, colleagues, clients and anyone else from my past or present who did not have any prior existing connection to either or both of my two stalkers (with as only exception if this contact is required to stop any interference with my life within this stalking context) by one or both of my stalkers or one or more flying monkeys 
– all of which have happened before within this stalking context – 
and anything else not described here that can be reasonably expected to be considered illegal interference with my life (including anything that reasonable people would consider harassment and/or stalking).

This extends to any flying monkeys; they too are to refrain from any of this, also if not instructed thereto by either or both of my stalkers.

(If this is likely to result in the serious destabilisation of the mental health of either or both of my stalkers, then I suggest contacting an experienced specialized mental health professional who can assist in this area and discussing with that health professional whether I might be able to play a beneficial role toward the mental health of either or both of my stalkers in a supervised mental health setting.)

(If that sounds harsh, discuss among each other and perhaps with friends or professionals what a more suitable and civilised approach might be. Nobody benefits from you two merely moving on to the next target, after all, and what’s done is done. I would like to learn how it may be possible to break these destructive cycles lof behaviour in English society and create happier and more contented human beings in English society, but this is clearly beyond my capabilities.)

For each day this directive is ignored and unlawful interference with my life (or the life of anyone associated with me for the purpose of harming me) takes place, I shall be owed £1000 by my stalkers.

They have already caused damage to my life in terms of loss of income alone of at least roughly £200,000 so far and much higher other damages.

If I consider that that the first known interference with e-mail correspondence with clients took place in the second half of 2008, that there was also a physical attempt to make me miss a deadline back then and I now know that the first tampering with e-mail from others (changing of contents of e-mails, which one of my stalkers unasked shortly later explained of how one does that) took place then too… I have to wonder, also about how many people received spoofed or tampered e-mails from me.

The £1000 is to be deposited into my NatWest account within a week after each breach of the law.

(Why? Because money seems to be the main or maybe only language these two speak.)


(11 November 2020)

11 November 2020:
Interference took place on both my computers that evening (before I decided to add these fines for unlawful interference with my life to enforce compliance). I will not do much work tomorrow but instead focus on my health and some other issues.

12 November 2020:
The day started with hours of updates of various pieces of software for my latest computer. (It’s Thursday, not Tuesday, and not the day after Tuesday either.) It resulted in the repeated appearance of the message “restart is required to finish installing updates” in spite of four or five restarts, but the message seems to have disappeared now.

The rest of the day was quiet so far! Good.

I am a little shocked that a week of lockdown – it’s not really the lockdown, I suppose, but lack of exercise – already has me piling the pounds on again and is clearly affecting my health somewhat. It’s always been important for me to get enough exercise – started running in primary school – and when I don’t, well… I need to make sure that I do if I want to feel fit and energetic.

What a crazy situation I have been in since I moved to Portsmouth. I sound like… Trump and his voter fraud, ugh. But all is well that ends well.

I obviously keep many of my thoughts to myself, in spite of me now recently having been making a lot of partly pretty bizarre noise about the situation I am in. I had to, to get attention. I deliberately took the risk of sounding like a complete nutter because that is what you do when you describe sadistic stalking; there is no way around it. I was sick of waiting for this to stop. I want my life back. Regardless of whether my stalkers approve. (Or, for that matter, English culture and its strange ideas about how women are supposed to live and behave. Meekly, dependently, powerlessly, subservient, submissive?)

13 November 2020:
There was another update for my computer later yesterday. My hacker usually does this or lets my computer find a “virus” when he wants me to believe that he’s gone.

This morning, my computer’s operating system first wouldn’t start. But then something happened that may indicate that my computer’s genuinely hacker-free now. (Last evening, it was not.) We’ll see. (No, that did not last.) It may mean that I can no longer do Zoom calls etc and/or need to try to get normal broadband again. But that would be a small price to pay for getting one’s life back. (The pandemic has consequences for my options too, of course.)

Actually, I spotted three incidents last evening (two mouse pointer movements that were not related to mouse movements and one interference with an FX account, namely nonsensical P&L amounts on my screen; I decided to pretend not to notice to see what would happen). There may be one while I am typing this (under-the-hood window opened, though I am willing to ascribe that to coincidence) and I just discovered that the sig has been removed from my gmail account (which I am willing to ascribe to Google; it happened yesterday afternoon).

That still means that £1000 is going to be deposited in my bank account within a week then. Good.

Have I already mentioned that I was taunted like crazy around my 60th birthday and that I also lost my last remaining clients that day in relation to sabotage of a grant proposal? A major “fuck you and die bitch” day arranged by my stalkers to celebrate – no, lament – that I am still alive and still haven’t committed suicide yet (unlike some of their other victims). They have nothing but the utmost contempt for me. Where it comes from? Something in their history. Nothing to do with me.

Later this afternoon, the computer froze and I had to flip the wall switch to reboot it.

14 November 2020:
The piece of shit is walking all over me and continues his destruction. He is my sysop and he can delete whatever the hell he want. He deleted another directory this evening, right after I typed somewhere that I needed to look something up in it.

I also just found out that he did something on another site, pretending to be me. I had placed a request on a website. He closed it down on on 11 November 2020 at 03:01. Yep. That is usually when he is most destructive, roughly between 2 and 3 am.

My harddisk or whatever it is is whining like crazy. A really bizarre whine, straight out of a horror movie. Well, something is in any case. The fan, maybe? My downstairs neighbour’s flat? Immensely annoying! Giving me a headache, so bad that I can no longer keep my computer on if it is my computer.




The above list of offences is non-exhaustive.

Observing what is happening does not mean by definition that you can then do something about it. For example, hackers often seem to have no idea that there can be clear signs of their presence in someone’s equipment, but that is not the same as knowing how to get them out of the equipment or predicting that they will be picking the locks to your flat next to be able to access your equipment directly.

Looking back, I should not have moved to (vitriolic) Portsmouth – or even England, frankly – but once I did, I had to learn my lessons the hard way and I somehow need to turn my lemons into lemonade. Nobody can go back in time to make a different choice and nobody has any prior knowledge about the future.

All is well that ends well but my patience is paper-thin these days.


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