And so it continues…?

I don’t know when exactly I last used this number but I do know it was certainly before 2018, so I wonder who entered that false information there… and why. 

(Also, the number/phone got cloned as part of my sadistic stalking and hacking. I don’t know what that means in practice.) I think I obtained this number in 2009 at the O2 shop in Southsea when I purchased my first, relatively low-end smartphone. (One of the best things I ever did, as it became a life-saver later.) 


Then I found this: I don’t know what this site is about, but yes, my Boost account was closed behind my back at the end of last year and transferred to Bulb, which is an ethically operating company that for example pays its staff the real living wage, so I decided to leave it be. But within a few weeks, Bulb informed me that my account was transferred to a company with a Spanish-sounding name that I never heard of or from, while I continue to get updates from Boost and the receipts mention yet another company. And there is nothing I can do about it. 

This also holds for the masses of disappearing postal mail including three bank cards in about two months with a fourth one being nicked by an Asda employee “helpfully leaning in at the checkout” who likely got tricked into this, thinking it was an honest prank among friends. He no longer works at Asda. The Southsea Osborne GP Practice employee who did something similarly criminal and stupid at about the same time no longer works there either.

(Too many people in Portsmouth appear to be incredibly gullible and get much too easily tricked into breaking the law.)

Earlier this year, my driving licence disappeared from my postal mail and had to be reissued. I was only able to get through to the DVLA after four months or so. Right now, yet another bank card may have disappeared from my postal mail.

I reckon that I only get about 10% of my postal mail.

(Welcome to Portsmouth.)

Next? I discovered a tweet poll that I supposedly posted 15 hours ago. I did not.

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