What a horrible incredibly nasty mess sadistic stalking is…

Sigh. And the only thing that gets victims help is if they are attacked and seriously injured or killed.

And that is just not good enough. Not good enough at all.

This evening, I realized that there is absolutely nothing else I still want to do and can do other than fight stalkers. Help other women fight stalkers and help other women stop becoming victims of stalkers.

This evening, the piece of shit deleted another directory on one of my computers, just to taunt me. Message? To me?

“You are nothing. You are entirely in our power. Nobody is listening to you. Nobody is going to step up for you. Nobody is going to help you get your life back. Nobody is going to stop us. We will destroy you. Because we can.”



She’s making it up!

This woman in Hampshire is making it all up, of course. Everybody knows such things do not occur in real life. The woman just does not know how her computer and her phone work, but she does not want to admit it so she makes up a story.



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