Stalking/hacking update


My phone – on which I now do a factory reset every 1 to 7 days and which I mainly only still use for internet access on my computer – keeps switching wifi on (and hotspot off, but that may be a different story).

(That seems to refer to urban slang. (Often, when I can’t figure out what on earth something that I am bombarded with means, it later turns out to be related to urban slang.)

And that connects to the weird “married/marriage” windows that opened up on my screen some time ago, I suppose.



My new computer – different architecture, different OS – essentially behaves the same way as my old computer did since it was directly accessed on 19 July 2020 when I was out to collect something via Freecycle (old newspapers) which took a 3-hour walk.

The computer freezes all the time, various websites and services are not accessible and some of those are reporting strange error messages and so on. As with the old computer, I now keep having to flip the power switch on the wall. Because it freezes and throwing power off it is the only way to get out of the freeze. But the BIOS has stopped producing its beeps when I log in so that the reboots are less noticeable in adjacent flats. Could that be due to a software update? Sure..



On my old computer, he briefly threatened to delete another directory yesterday. Taunting. It concerns something that I am working on right now. The other directory is still missing. The one that he deleted in, when was it, September, is still missing, that is, two new directories, both empty, took its place back then. The point of that? No idea.

I also appear to have received at least one spoofed e-mail today.t

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Hi. This site is currently very messy. I am aware of it.

That photo, yep, it’s me with my vibrant henna-red grey-white hair and my nowadays often quite haggard and stressed face. I’m in my early sixties. I specifically mention this because it means that I still have as much potential and as much to look forward to as any twenty-year-old. I can expect to turn at least 90. So if I think back to all the things I did between the ages of 20 and 50, then it is clear that I still have heck of a lot of exploring, learning and contributing ahead of me.

I used to be an earth & life scientist (geologist and marine biogeochemist), although I am highly versatile and have done many other things. I used to work with clients who use and/or create science and technology knowledge. I did that with an international network of associates within the context of self-employment as a VAT-registered small business since October 1997, initially in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and later in Hampshire, England. I am also a company director and I’ve previously lived in the US.¬†


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