Hi. This site is currently very messy. I am aware of it.

That photo, yep, it’s me with my vibrant henna-red grey-white hair and my nowadays often quite haggard and stressed face. I’m in my early sixties. I specifically mention this because it means that I still have as much potential and as much to look forward to as any twenty-year-old. I can expect to turn at least 90. So if I think back to all the things I did between the ages of 20 and 50, then it is clear that I still have heck of a lot of exploring, learning and contributing ahead of me.

I used to be an earth & life scientist (geologist and marine biogeochemist), although I am highly versatile and have done many other things. I used to work with clients who use and/or create science and technology knowledge. I did that with an international network of associates within the context of self-employment as a VAT-registered small business since October 1997, initially in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and later in Hampshire, England. I am also a company director and I’ve previously lived in the US. 


[take a slow and relaxing breath now]

I have been the target of what turned out to be so-called sadistic stalking since June 2008. Many elements in my case seem to come straight out of the case described in the video below, but are a much more sophisticated version of them. I only discovered this on 2 October 2020. (That was a case that started in Gosport and Fareham. The stalker in question later went to prison for life with a minimum of seven years after he tried to kill his next target, sadly.)

On 29 September 2020, I was forced to cease working with my existing clients in areas of science and technology because of hacking interference with a EUR 800,000 grant proposal. This meant that the risk for my clients had now become unacceptably high. Besides, other files and directories were and continue to be deleted or threatened to be deleted. That is clearly no longer a workable situation at all. (It had not been a workable situation for years, but not enough people believed me and so I was left in the lurch without being able to do much about what was going on.)

A month before that, I lost access to my business website and business e-mail although the backup redirect on my business e-mail continues to work. Someone then apparently set up a fake LinkedIn profile using my business e-mail address or I am getting spoofed e-mails from LinkedIn that suggest this, to taunt me.

I now know with certainty – as of 2 October 2020 – that I have been the target of something known as “sadistic stalking” since June 2008 and that it is not merely “English humour” or “local culture”. It’s included extensive hacking in my case and is carried out, as far as I know, by two brothers who operate in stealth mode most of the time as they use lots of flying monkeys and are very cunning. One of them is a hacker. They can’t help some of the stuff that they do. Of course not. After all, they are risking very long prison sentences. 

Generally speaking, I often find it very hard to deal with my anger and powerlessness related to the things they do, though. My stress level is much higher, however, when I focus on my powerlessness and on how my life has completely fallen apart since the stalking began.

There is also a danger, however, of no longer putting up a fight and becoming their doormat. To a large degree, they seem to want to mould me and my life to their wishes. That means that if you’re not very careful, you cease to exist as a person.

The situation requires a compromise.

As I can’t do a thing about my poltergeists and there is no support whatsoever for stalking victims in the UK, I had to find a way to work with them, make my life work again in spite of their interference with it.

My stalkers seem to be “on me” 24/7 and they often make their presence highly noticeable. They also do their best to isolate me (for example by interfering with e-mails and cutting off phone calls, even redirecting some of my calls). It is impossible to ignore them; they make their presence felt. (There is an important clue in this!)

I somehow have to incorporate (my experience with) often highly disruptive 24/7 hacking interference within the context of sadistic stalking in my way forward and turn this major liability and embarrassment into an asset.

That is challenging, but I am slowly starting to see how I can do this without endangering or inconveniencing clients. I have found a way to let my experience benefit clients.

It would also help resolve the following complication.

To my surprise, I fit in very well in in the US and I particularly enjoyed living in Florida. I had not expected that at all as I had always heard a lot of negative talk about the US and people were showering me with all kinds of warnings when I was about to leave the Netherlands. I also had anticipated hating Florida’s climate. But I turned out to thrive in it! The US too has its problems, of course, and I am not blind to them.

More or less the opposite happened when I moved to England. I had not expected that either, but I had only intended to be here for a few years. I don’t click well with English culture. Generally speaking, many people in southeastern England are hostile and standoffish. Distrustful. Paranoid, even. (There is a lot of otherisation in particularly southeastern England.)

It’s complicated my situation substantially. That said, at least some of this has to do with the kind of messing that my poltergeists do.

Let’s not call them my stalkers any longer because that merely increases the stress of the situation. Let’s call them my poltergeists. They are shapeshifters. Occasionally, they behave like Caspar, the friendly ghost. Often they are loud and disruptive, like poltergeists. They are also often quite destructive and sadistic.  

Feel free to share your opinion below. (Note that I do screen comments on this website.)

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