De Pfeffel’s priorities

Trump may be on his way out but we still have a vindictive irrational narcissist at the helm of the UK, where the situation was already beyond the havoc that Trump created before De Pfeffel hopped into the saddle.

26 June 2020: 26 pence per day increase for refugees

20 October 2020: Covid-19 support for Manchester 22 million instead of 66 million

21 October 2020: No free school meals for poor deprived kids during school holidays

30 October 2020: 3 pence per day increase for refugees (who by the way often become homeless as soon as they get refugee status) so they now get £39.63 per week.

19 November 2020: 16 billion increase in defence spending

One thought on “De Pfeffel’s priorities

  1. So, his credit score is horrible, in my book. Conventional credit scores are utter bullshit, by the way. Because whether you pay off any debts or walk away from them makes no difference for your credit scores. About seven years ago, I paid off a £5000 debt and a £8000 debt. When I saw that it made no difference to my credit score, I stopped paying attention to it. Earlier, I had learned that I couldn’t even get a tiny bogus debt removed from my credit report simply because the other party stated that it was not the creditor when I contested it.

    Do I regret having paid off those debts? No. But I do regret the effort I put into getting and submitting related documentation to the credit reference agencies.

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