Stalking is not an anxiety problem

Yesterday evening, a religious person asked me if he could pray for me. He then “asked Jesus to help me deal with my anxiety so that I could be free again”. I stopped him in his tracks. I interjected:

“Anxiety is not the problem. I need to be able to work.”

Until that moment I had not realised yet that many people may see stalking as a problem that is caused by anxiety on the side of the target. If only the target’s anxiety would go away, stalking would cease to be a problem? Wrong.

While it is true that taking a zen approach when being stalked helps with the psychological side, stalking mainly presents practical problems for the target.

Imagine being a fitness coach who has a stalker. Can you justify continuing your work? Can you justify exposing other women to the risk that they become stalked next? Or, too?

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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