Holy shit


There may not be any DID as play, it looks like. No dissociate identity disorder. With regard to the people pestering me, it looks like. No “alters”. (Something about names I had seen within this context started clicking.) It looks like it is a network of local (at least Hampshire-wide, not just in Portsmouth is my guess) jerks criminals who cooperate in such a way that it is very hard to catch them in the act and arrest them. Ya can’t make it up.

(I know a woman with DID – and I’ve been to her home once – and nothing about her resembles what’s been going on here in Portsmouth in even the slightest way, by the way.)

These local people who are pestering me are certainly NO advocates for inclusion of people with disabilities and for acceptance of neurodiversity in any case.

I have seen it happen several times here in Portsmouth that people with limited intellectual capacities were (ab)used to pester me, the last time as recent as a few weeks ago. Among other things, that person was told to put lipstick all over part of her face – or someone else did it for her – and then go pester me.

To mimic the allergy symptoms I had just had. In combination with the person’s facial features that make the face look a little “swollen” relative to most people’s faces. (That “mirroring” thing, the “surreal” circus thing. If you’re very local, you know what I mean and even may be have been part of one of it.)

Not a kind thing to do to me but not a kind thing to do to that other person either. (Engaging people who have limited intellectual capacities and giving them fun tasks to do is one thing, but this thing, this was abuse of that person in my book.)

I’ve meanwhile remembered having mentioned that I had a strong response to the fragrance used in a cleaner, on freecycle, and that I was giving it away, the used bottle and an unused bottle, provided the person I gave it to had no problems with the fragrance.

Someone contacted me and said that I could drop it off at his mum’s or dad’s. Nobody was home, I think. In any case, I left the stuff in a bag at the door. The address may have been Cedar Grove.

The stuff that I apparently responded to a few weeks ago after I put it on my body was the same stuff as was in that fragrance. It came to me via Amazon Prime, no note with it, no sign of who sent it in or on the box.

A coincidence? Sure, that’s certainly possible. Of course.

I have used a product by that same brand before, after all, without problems, but it was a different kind of product.

When I searched the web, I found that other women have had  problems as well when they used these products. A coincidence? Sure, that’s certainly possible. Of course. 

My sense is that it IS a mere coincidence.

But can I be sure of that? No. There’s been too much somewhat similar stuff in the past decade.

Does the idea freak me out? No. I’ve been living with this kind of stuff for far too long to still get freaked out easily.

For the record, already years ago, I reported to Portsmouth Police that whoever was pestering me was also (ab)using people with mental health problems and low intelligence in order to get them to pester me, enabling him to stay in the shadows himself. I thought it was a very low thing to do. (Is it also a very Pompey-like thing to do?)

And then again, DID may still be part of it too. (I say this on the basis of two or three odd observations I’ve made in the past 12.5 years.) That is besides – in addition to – that there seems to be a group of people who go around pestering strangers like me in such a way that it is hard to catch them in the act. 



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