“Becoming more crazy but not in a good way”

I just ran into this video below right after I ran into this quote and realized how much that quote sometimes has to do with my life.

Albert Einstein apparently once said:

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

But there was no internet in his days and the internet is making things possible that were unimaginable back then. That is changing things, and not always in a good way.

What can we do about this?

Take my own situation. I am based in a town – a densely packed island community, the densest population in the UK crammed onto Portsea Island off the southern coast of England – that is often a chillingly vicious place where just about everyone seems to hate just about everyone else. It all gets stale very very quickly.

(Remember what Einstein said?
No worries, I am going to make a video about this… to explain.)

People here gossip a lot about strangers.

I do not even have to make YouTube videos to draw all sorts of comments on the streets from total strangers. About where I’ve just been for example. It makes me feel unsafe. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Because it’s creepy.

It is one of the reasons why I often used to delete things that I said or did online. Because I was afraid – as in “worried” – about the effect it might have locally. The backlash.

Like this YouTuber in the video below, I cannot fathom why people do some of these things.

(No, I certainly do not have all the answers. But I do know that we seem to live in a world in which we are too quick to assume the worst about others, often enthusiastically encouraged by our esteemed non-leaders because divide-and-conquer gets them votes.)

I’ve also had a comment on Facebook in the past about things I bought at the supermarket. Apparently, some unknown person had looked into my shopping basket and felt it necessary to ask around as to who I was and then go look for me on Facebook to pester me there. About my… VEGETABLES! No, not even about whether they were organic or not.

I do not know who these local people are and why they are obsessed with me. They’re complete strangers. In my case, it seems to be merely part of English culture, and I increasingly often shrug about it, but it still almost always makes me feel like a hand reaches into my body and squeezes my heart when it happens. Not in a good way.

How much worse it must be if your livelihood – as is often the case for YouTubers – depends on the very thing that gets your bullied, threatened and stalked.

Why would anyone who is not in the long tail of neurodiversity or not in good mental health go to this woman’s home to pester her?

And why does this woman in the video have to be sexually harassed on a daily basis by men who apparently see nothing wrong with that? Would these men feel the same way about other men harassing their daughters in a similar way? (Regardless of whether the men in question have daughters.)

Now YOU start seeing the bigger picture for a change, dear Mr. Anonymous Local Buster. Because to assume that only you have the big picture means that you are deciding to lock yourself into a mental basement. Only you know what your tiny little basement looks like. Correct!

There is a word for that.


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