This is (part of) what I mean when I talk about destroying the glue that binds society

In my book “We need to talk about this“, I theorize about that the unbridled practice of the new eugenics in a way that we do not have yet today and hopefully will never have may risk dissolving the glue that binds society.

Attachment. The thing that stops us from hurting our loved ones and others.

Wasn’t there a study that found that psychopathic traits are on the rise among college students?

This lecture also exists as a paper. On page 10, it says the following, in italics:

“The central motivation of the psychopath is to dominate his objects.”

Someone once told me “no, no, control is the result; it is not the objective”. Because he could not picture, for himself, merely wanting to control another human being. Something similar goes for trying to imagine what the effects might be of turning children into consumer products.