Message for “Lisa” of the poisonous Christmas cookies

Stop freezing my computer!

(Feed the kids some regular cookies or take them for a walk.)

Yep, half the morning’s already been taken up by my poltergeist and his kids or whatever. And the only thing to stop it is to shut down your equipment, which is equally productive but often less stressful provided it does not last too long. Stops my brain from going into that unproductive high stress mode that comes from getting disrupted a lot.

First thing I got this morning was a message about poisoning and “My life has been completely destroyed by stalkers. I need help.” from “Lisa”. I’ve heard from Lisa before. (The name “Ashley” is very popular as well.)

I also had some e-mails from “Julie” about poisonous Christmas cookies yesterday. (And when I got those e-mails, some stuff on my computer froze and I couldn’t save the file I had been working in and had to reboot, but I didn’t lose too much stuff because I wisely opted for the “recovered” file version.)

(I later realized that I didn’t actually do a lot after that.)

Then something I did got interfered with. And again, and again, and again and again. This morning, I mean. One of the disruptions forced me to check into something else, just in case.

It completely takes over your focus and train of thought and at the end of two or three hours of this, you may no longer have any idea of what you had planned to do or what you felt like when you woke up and had not switched on your computer yet. And you often feel like not doing another thing for the rest of the day and drinking another bottle of wine and eating two or three pizzas – neither of which you can afford, but hey, it no longer matters anyway – and watching some more YouTube videos. It’s 10:46 and I feel STRESSED and worn out and I haven’t done a thing yet. (Okay, I wrote that bit about Brexit and I sorted a 50-page paper that I should have printed in reverse order.) 

I wrote the above in the course of 60 minutes, starting at 9:57. It’s 10:59 now and I have a mild tension headache and feel stressed. It will pass. As long as I take a few deep breaths and relax and go do something else now, away from the computer.

Btw, he no longer deletes entire files, but just the last bits of work I did in one file at the moment. That is much more doable than finding entire directories or files disappeared. He’s trying to do his best.

2 thoughts on “Message for “Lisa” of the poisonous Christmas cookies

  1. It is a good thing – maybe – that I (normally used to) do my best work in the evening and (used to) tend to work 12 to 22 rather than 9 to 5.

    All is well that ends well.


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