Well well well

I just found a letter at my door, went into my computer and found that even more files have been deleted while I was not looking. Private files, to do with my living situation. My housing. But of course!

In addition, our water had been shut off and we no longer have any lighting in our pitch-dark staircase at night. The lighting had been removed. (12 Dec: And a timer. Used so that the lights only were on during certain hours.) Is that even legal, Mr Grant Murphy?!

(12 Dec: Assuming that it was you who did that, Mr Murphy, which of course is an extremely far-fetched idea, in which case we had a strange kind of vandal burglar in the house. But if it was you… well…)

It probably means that if I fall down the stairs now and land in hospital, you are liable. The same goes for neighbours.


Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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