An unusual case of DID

Trauma trigger warning!


Dissociative identity disorder is a magnificent creation of the human brain. When a very young girl of maybe 3 or 4 or 2 or 1 for example is abused so horribly in satanic rituals – done by her physician dad and others – requiring her to have a hysterectomy at a relatively young age later, the still developing brain can decide that this is too much to bear for one tiny girl and create other personalities who have various tasks, such as remember all the horrors, or to defend or comfort the girl, while another task can be to forget about those horrors so that the person can function. 

There are all sorts of “personalities”. This can include rather callous or shallow personalities too. There are no rules for how such a system develops. The personalities can even include animals or rocks. There can be a handful, or just two, and there can be dozens. 

It’s very rare for an alter of someone with DID to end up killing someone, but before people with DID are diagnosed properly – which can sometimes take decades – people with DID can for example suddenly find themselves in another country, having no idea how they ended up there. In that case, one alter came out who decided to purchase an airline ticket, left the country – without caring what the host personality was doing at the time – and at some point in that other country decide it was time for a nap, leaving the reappearing host personality bewildered, with lots of questions. Alters can also go shopping and spend lots of money.

People with DID don’t have a sign on their head that says “I have DID” but they certainly exist. When you visit such a person’s home, you may notice that they have a corner with dolls and stuffed toys for the little ones.

This may be what also sometimes happens in my computer, when files disappear etc. No, it’s not me. I don’t have DID. Yes, for sure. But I remember an occasion when I was watching someone, someone I’d met but didn’t quite know, and found myself spontaneously thinking angrily “Now don’t go pretend that you’re someone else!” (which was a really odd thing to think) and I also later found myself saying out loud “Who ARE you?!” when I watched a video that had that person in it.

(Nobody in the island community in which I live has ever even heard of the person in question, so I can’t get this confirmed. I’ve been asking around for over a decade.)

The video below is about a case in which – allegedly – one of the man’s angry two alters killed the man’s daughter. Heart-breaking. If true. Requires compassion rather than condemnation. The man – Tom, the host personality, the person who is “out” most of the time and usually a pretty neutral person – initially – allegedly – had no idea what had happened.

I had a colleague with DID once; she was very open about it, otherwise I wouldn’t have known she had DID. I’ve also read about the phenomenon, like most people.

I have previously looked into whether it is possible for an alter to be a malicious psychopath. It is my impression/understanding that there remains some degree of overlap between the character of the alters, though. And it’s my impression that the differences in behaviour and voice etc are not necessarily dramatic. Depends. There are no rules for how this work. And, hey, what do I know?

One thought on “An unusual case of DID

  1. Oh, it’s certainly a weird case. But we humans are often too quick to judge others and you should always take both possible sides into account as possibly true and not settle too quickly on “he did it” or “he didn’t do it”.

    Not enough facts in this case.

    He was quite possibly molesting the daughter and got jealous when she got a boyfriend, sure, and then adopted the suggestion made by the psychologist.

    What struck me was the imbalance in the family. The marked difference between the wife and the husband. The fact that the daughter was effectively running the household. And then there was the testimony given by one of the other daughters.

    I watched the video late last night, feeling a bit worn out.

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