Christmas suicides

There is this pervasive myths that people kill themselves around Christmas because of excruciating loneliness.

I suspect that that is utter bullshit.

The holidays – Christmas and the start of the new year – are simply a natural deadline for having accomplished something. Moved out. Gotten a new job. Gotten out of debt. Tangible goals.

If your situation is too shitty and you’ve missed that deadline you set for yourself too many times and continue to be stuck in a job you hate or whatever it is that you badly want to see remedied, then Christmas is a good time for a suicide. Because everyone else will be even more focused on themselves and may hardly notice anyone who jumps off a bridge or shopping mall.

I seem to remember that it was part of my welcome to England 16 years ago. Someone jumping off the bridge next to which I was living during the holidays. I am not entirely sure because I may not have realized at the time what was going on and I may have only figured it out later. Why, for example, that overhead helicopter was there. Shining a beam into the water to see if they could spot the body.

Just a thought.

I wonder how the pandemic is going to factor into this, this year. A good thing that several vaccines are available now, much sooner than anticipated. Isn’t it funny that Trump was actually somewhat correct about that? It shows you that you can never tell what lies ahead. Some deadlines require you to extend maximum kindness to yourself.

Just a thought.

Protesting what we cannot change is a big source of unhappiness. That is what this is about. You often find that as soon as you start stop rebelling against it, a big chunk of your unhappiness disappears. Another source of unhappiness is pretending that you’re happy when you are not, not allowing yourself your true feelings. Embrace them instead. It is okay to be cranky or sad or angry. It’s the protest against them that makes them problematic. Anger, for example, is often energizing and it’s okay for men to be angry but not accepted for women. So men use their anger to go do things and women get depressed. (Very generally speaking.) See what I mean?

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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