Not funny (being gangstalked for years by people in a hate-based subReddit – just for “fun”)

It’s random. People get targeted for no reason at all.

Mentioned in the video below is this piece about Logan Lynn in People Magazine:

To some degree, this is also what I’ve been exposed to here in Portsmouth. It’s just a local hate campaign that has nothing to do with me as such and has nothing to do with autism, DID, NPD or what have you either. It’s just stupid random hate of the kind described in this video. Vicious. Immensely vicious. Destructive.

It’s hate. From the moment I switch on my computer, I am bombarded with anonymous local hate. Because being sabotaged to death relentlessly, that is an expression of hate. All kinds of hate.

And in my case too, I have often said that I am sure that they place bets on my suicide.

I keep trying to find less malicious explanations for what is going on. But there are none.

There is lots more on Reddit and also elsewhere, not all of it shut down and some of it quite malicious.

Oh dear. I am finding even more similarities. Two ads in Autotrader for used cars, my post code, my mobile phone number, according to Autotrader such that I was bound to get lots of calls. One for an Audi and one for a Mini Cooper. Using my credit card, which backfired because that took me over the spending limit, leading to a letter, which means that someone else paid for it which means that technically, it was “only” ID theft and harassment.

The ads were placed at around 3:08 am, something like that.

But the guy in the Orange shop or whatever it was where I got a new phone and SIM card gave me – unasked – at tip for how to get back to the person when I was sitting next to him (the person who did this) in the pub. Huh? It was anonymous.

That is how screwed up Britain is. And it is not getting better.

I guess I should be very grateful that I have not been accused of supplying minors to Epstein, goddammit.

I could go on for a long time.

I just found that someone apparently had changed my Reddit password. (That kind of thing happens a lot too, yeah.) I’d better go check what my supposed activity has been.

Well well well

And THAT little (non-)incident answered THAT question. Or should I say “confirmed that assumption”?

Like I said, Portsmouth is immensely toxic. Vicious.

I wrote this after having been terrorised since…

6:30 this morning!

(On my computer, I mean. The newer computer.)

It’s 2:30 in the afternoon now. I hate Portsmouth. 

Ah. Now I also know why my screen looked so vague this morning that I adjusted the screen settings. Someone’s been fucking around with this website again, and it was not me. But I think I do know who it was now. 

(Of course, those settings have now mysteriously disappeared too. Ha ha.)

“I wasn’t even home, honestly, so how can you claim that I was sabotaging that poor woman to death?”

Okay, turns out I am being sabotaged to death by random haters in Portsmouth. Nothing to do with autism, or DID or with NPD and/or psychopathy. Just random haters.