Is NatWest’s online security feature down?

Haven’t needed 2FA codes for several days in a row now. 

I also can’t access some of my WordPress features at times; have to take a detour to be able to select categories.


PS 17 December 2020: The VISA verification feature for online card payments has not worked for years either. The verification screen does often come up but then it flashes forward to the “payment completed” screen.

One thought on “Is NatWest’s online security feature down?

  1. What also happens is that some payment instructions do not show up on my screen, but later do turn out to have gone through. In one case, it resulted in two payment instructions being rejected because I repeatedly entered them. And another payment was returned for an invalid reason (“amount too low”) of which the description changed a few days later into some IT gobbledygook.

    Weird things have been going on with some of my payments for years now.

    The powerlessness that results from all the hacking interference is often quite excruciating. Nothing you do or don’t do still makes a difference when you are being hacked to smithereens.


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