Well well well

And THAT little (non-)incident answered THAT question. Or should I say “confirmed that assumption”?

Like I said, Portsmouth is immensely toxic. Vicious.

I wrote this after having been terrorised since…

6:30 this morning!

(On my computer, I mean. The newer computer.)

It’s 2:30 in the afternoon now. I hate Portsmouth. 

Ah. Now I also know why my screen looked so vague this morning that I adjusted the screen settings. Someone’s been fucking around with this website again, and it was not me. But I think I do know who it was now. 

(Of course, those settings have now mysteriously disappeared too. Ha ha.)

“I wasn’t even home, honestly, so how can you claim that I was sabotaging that poor woman to death?”

Okay, turns out I am being sabotaged to death by random haters in Portsmouth. Nothing to do with autism, or DID or with NPD and/or psychopathy. Just random haters.

One thought on “Well well well

  1. Beste Jaap Verschoor, als je dat ene hoofdstuk nog wil, dan moet je je vreemde vriendjes misschien eens instrueren op te houden met mij digitaal te terroriseren. Ik vermoed dat jij hele vreemde vriendjes hebt, ja, waarvan je niet door hebt dat ze niet sporen en anders ben je door onbekenden volkomen naar de kloten gehackt. Misschien goed om te weten.

    Voorlopig doe ik er even he-le-maal niets meer aan, dat hoofdstuk.


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