Nah, we don’t need stupid Europe and its silly backward countries

“Lufthansa flies 80 tonnes of fresh food to UK amid shortage fears”

Meanwhile, those same lorry drivers we so depend on are getting whipped by Kent Police and ignored by the authorities so that it’s charities – thank you! – who are keeping these lorry drivers alive now by supplying them with hot meals etc.


And yet there are still people who think it’s crazy that I think that England is a big bizarre mess on way too many days of the year. There is a giant disconnect from reality in England, the kind of disconnect displayed by Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. Here’s to hoping that that disconnect will now start to dissolve.

(Some of this has to do with the vast difference between how the English negotiate and how the rest of the western world negotiates, I am sure. I may do a video on that one of these days.)

Wanna do something extra against Covid?

Wipe down some of those traffic light buttons at pedestrian crossings. A bit of tissue paper and a 45-pence bottle of hand sanitizer from Aldi is all it takes.

If everyone who walks to a local supermarket or whatever wipes down just one traffic light button on the way, you could be making a big difference. And it can’t do any harm.

Since the start of the pandemic, I have been carrying a tiny bottle of disinfectant – yep, from Aldi, but other chains carry them too, as you know – and tissues in my right pocket. You are likely doing that too.

So it’s an easy peasy thing to do. For me too. Let’s see if I can remember to do it in practice. 😉