Oh shit, he’s totally lost it

He’s getting really scary now.

But also, remember what I have said about it becoming near-impossible to be be angry with him when you realize that he is a little scared boy and that you then also start to see good things in him? He’s freaked out.

He HAS to believe that there was massive election fraud because if he does not, it means that the American people don’t love him nearly as much as he needs them to. He has to believe that – to stop himself from going to pieces. He’s had the ultimate form of “narcissistic supply” and that’s now going up in smoke. That has to feel highly threatening to him. It also makes him angry. “How dare they! How dare they not vote for me! After all that I have done for them!” (in his optics) (This is also why is getting people out of prison about whom he feels that they support him.)

It’s the same thing as with the crowds at his inauguration that weren’t there. Except on a much bigger scale, in a way that is much scarier to him. It’s also been said that he is terrified of all sorts of legal challenges he may have to face once he is no longer President of the United States. That, too.

His anger about the $600 checks and wanting to turn that into $2000 or $4000 may well be real. And many people agree with him on that and that is why I say “may well be real” instead of “is.” The game of manipulation, after all, is also part of who he is.

Because apparently, he also recorded a video about that coronavirus relief bill shortly before he posted this one, according to CNN. CNN posted a photo of him in which he looked quite scary – the anguish and anger all over his face – which is why I went looking for that particular video. (NPD remains a fascinating condition, a study in irreconcilable contradictions.)

This video is the one I then ran into. It had been posted 29 minutes before I went on Twitter. I didn’t hear him mention the $600 checks in this video, but I didn’t sit through the entire tirade.

For some reason, Tweets never seem to post well on WordPress so you will have to click on the video link below. It’s also on Facebook.


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