Merry Christmas

Since this pandemic started, the following thought has crossed my mind repeatedly.

“My coughing has to be so much harder on my neighbours now.”

Because although they know that I always tend to cough a lot, particularly in winter or when it’s cold or when I get less exercise, they have to be wondering off and on whether I have that corona virus. It’s only natural.

I have suffered from sinus problems etc since my teens and have tended to cough a lot in the morning for decades – never in Florida, of course! – but it got much worse – lol – after I moved to Portsmouth.

At the moment, I cough a lot in the mornings because I currently take two capsules of N-acetyl cysteine in the morning and I start the day with coffee. They both start to kick in almost instantly. One thins my mucus, the other widens my lower airways, so… out comes the stuff.

I still have plenty of hand sanitizer – which I funnily enough bought on a whim at Aldi before the pandemic started – and while I have run out of the super disinfectant cleaner of which I prepared three spray bottles at the start of the pandemic at the appropriate strength for this virus, I do still have a flacon with the pure concentrated super disinfectant so I will fill up new spray bottles today.

I will start using that on doors and often-touched surfaces again here where I live .

Because it is a little thing that I can do.

And it only takes about five minutes.

While my neighbours know that I don’t interact with a lot of people here in England, this new, more infectious strain and this second new strain from South Africa that may be even more infectious than the English one, hey, even if people don’t form the thought consciously, at the back of their mind, there has to be some concern when they hear my annoying morning cough. Period. It’s only normal.

I haven’t put up any decorations this year and I haven’t bought any Christmassy food. (Unless you count the traditional English Christmas food Brussels sprouts, an idea that will surely puzzle the Dutch greatly.) I don’t even have any alcohol in the house. But I do have a few irons in the fire that are ready to come out. Because it is that kind of year.

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