Oh dear… he is at it again!


Yesterday, I’d been getting a lot of interference too, but of a more remote nature.

Right now, he’s totally blown a bunch of safety valves again and is directing all his anger at me, it seems. Whoever it actually is.

Posting something like the above can make him disappear. Yep, seems to have done the trick.

He hadn’t done something like this in a long time.

Has caused some challenges for me and seemed to want to know how I am liking them apples. 

The challenges are of an IT nature, and of a nature I can’t actually, as usual these days, do a thing about because of the situation I am in, but it means that I can even do less than the little that I still can do these days (and those restrictions have nothing to do with the pandemic).

I also got an e-mail about female genital cutting. He threw a lot of that my way at some point in the past, apparently wanting to freak me out. Could that e-mail be a coincidence this time? Sure. But I doubt it. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, but then again, it does, because it probably indicates that he is very upset.  

What set him off may be the fact that I watched this movie last night. Who knows. (Probably, yeah. Been there many times before in the past 12.5 years, after all.)


3 thoughts on “Oh dear… he is at it again!

    • How do you explain this to the kind of people who believe that hacking is about changing your Yahoo password? You can’t and they’ll inevitably conclude that you’re crazy.

      All you can do about that is shrug and make sure you have your priorities straight.


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