Extremely desperate request

Can my immediate downstairs neigbour and his pals please STOP FUCKING AROUND IN MY COMPUTERS AND MY PHONES, GODDAMMIT! YOU STUPID abusive MURPHY SERFS. 

Something similar goes for any of the local O2 clowns and police officers who are part of this vicious gang.

Also… you can stop working on those “media”. (How dumb do you think I am? You’ve done this so many times before. The only time when there was no trouble from that flat was when Ruth Mbvundula, the nurse from Malawi, was living there.) It’s just another mean and stupid game. It’s mean – vicious – because you’re keeping my other neighbour awake who currently often needs to get up very early for work or generally disturbing other people’s sleep.

The sadistic stalking and sabotage of me does not mean that Portsmouth is a great place. It just makes it a smelly, toxic, corrupt, lawless, misogynistic, xenophobic, gerontophobic and generally hate-fuelled cesspool.


12 thoughts on “Extremely desperate request

  1. Adding that last bit about the media instantly put a stop to THAT crap. They’re like those thugs in those MAGA hats, too many people here in Portsmouth.

    Also, the aggressive bully who currently lives in that flat under mine has no more Tourette’s than I do. And I don’t have Tourette’s.


    • So, after I posted that, it remained quiet for many hours until… around 2 pm when my failed img file of my failing external HD had completed, proving that my neighbour either is looking into my PC or got a text from the person who is looking into my PC. The former is more likely.

      He’s a stupid EDL hater in a MAGA hat not even realizing that that makes no sense. A saboteur of random people who are not 100% like himself but who’s also happy to oblige anyone who remunerates him for such activities.


  2. So now they have blocked my Internet access. Both on my phone and on my old computer.

    I was about to add “and BT, Virgin Media, Civic Offices and Royal Mail staff”.


      • Did I mention that they have changed my Gmail password and that Google is getting doubts as to whether it’s really me who is trying to access my email and that a book that I ordered in the Netherlands mysteriously ended up in Germany? The latter could have been a coincidence but the fucking around with my passwords has been going on for years. Since I moved into this flat, more or less. And there I was, spending money on keeping the hackers out, not realising that they were simply picking the locks to my flat. (And the PM.)


    • If the man had any sense, he would allow me to support myself and support me in that because then I could move out of the damn place after all but I guess I injured the insecure soul of this eeny meeny minie tiny Trump when I referred Ruth to the Civic Offices when he refused to return her deposit? But I can only guess. It was a geologist I know in Amsterdam who first had the idea that maybe it is just Murphy who’s been making my life so difficult. Who knows…


      • Why after all did he NEVER respond to letters, even when they were sent recorded and were signed for? Until recently, when I got a nonsense email from him in response to a letter I sent.

        Why did he make an appointment with me in 2016 and then not show up? Why did he say that people picking the locks to the flat was no big deal?!


  3. What can you sensibly write back to a nonsense email in response to a serious letter about serious issues? That the moon is made of cheese? Ask if you can talk to an adult?


  4. So. Suddenly both my computers have lots of problems. The “media” have not been used again, but instead, loud music woke me up at 4:30.

    When I have a nightmare, Portsmouth Police bangs on my door, claiming I may be in lethal danger. One-and-a-half, two hours later…

    The neighbour’s previously informed me he has a cop friend on one of his speed dials.

    One time he asked me if his washing machine was bothering me. No, of course not. From that point on, he started doing almost all his washes in the middle of the night. He sometimes seemed to overload the machine so that it made a hell of a racket, too. He didn’t use to do his laundry in the middle of the night… He’s a big ugly bully of a guy who wants other people to be afraid of him, but according to his dog, he is terribly insecure under it all. That dude badly needs a shrink.

    When you encounter the dog alone, she behaves perfectly fine. When you encounter the dog in the guy’s awareness, she is very aggressive. He is the one who causes her aggression. The dog is perfectly fine, nothing wrong with her.


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