MAGA hats at the Capitol


MAGA is not “destroy long-loved American values”!

Wearing camo gear does not mean you are defending American values.

(Am watching live on CNN while my other computer is very busy with something else.)

It’s amazing how appropriate that “Miss me yet?” gif of G.W. Bush has become. That alone says so much. He just spoke out. 

And FOX News is now on the “right” side. Imagine.

This whole thing must be so scary for so many Americans.

But also, almost everyone – except these rioters – seems to agree now that Trump is “sick”, “unstable” and “injured”. There is forgiveness in that. Insight.

And lots of Americans feel that their country has been hurt now beyond anything they could ever have imagined under GWB and they’re straightening their backs. At least… I sure hope they are! Most of the Americans I used to know would. They’re decent folks who love fairness and justice.

Funnily enough, this was playing at the Capitol. 

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