What it is – can be – like to live in Portsmouth

Years ago, someone at the local Salvation Army (where I volunteered briefly) told me that I saw Portsmouth in a much too positive light. I think I now know what she meant. For a long time, I thought that a lot of the nastiness of Portsmouth came from the poverty here. Nope. We were talking about the theft of wrapped Christmas gifts at the time.

Watch the video below.

I cannot rule out that that external harddisk did not collapse all by itself either, of course. That could have been the “message” in deleting those files on the other harddrive and then making them appear again.

Its brand – Seagate – has some significance to the people who are messing with me – sabotaging my life to death – and they may have been intending to indicate that my “gate” to the “sea” is now gone. Sounds weird? Join the club. How on earth can I know what goes on in the minds of other people, let alone the minds of anonymous people who I don’t even know.

But then, they have often made computer parts “disappear” or malfunction and also for example once filled up a hidden section of my harddisk with video fragments appearing to have been taken with my phone, of my thighs as I sat at my desk. It meant that the computer’s operating system no longer had enough space to run in.

Whoever is messing with my equipment all the time also often messes with my USB ports. So who knows what is really going on here. Professional recovery costs hundreds to thousands. I’d have to get it done at a large distance from Portsmouth, stealthily, to ensure that it would not get fucked with again.

I have gotten faked “running out of space” warnings many many times. Are they intended as threats? Your guess is as good as mine. As I don’t have broadband, haven’t had broadband for years, I cannot store many files in the cloud.

I have gotten to know Portsmouth as an often really vicious – vile – place since I moved here from Southampton at the start of 2009. I’ve been terrorised and sabotaged by anonymous people from literally the day I picked up the keys to my flat in Southsea.

I hope that I am wrong about this disk, that it was not deliberately knocked out (even though it getting knocked out likely was the result of the constant interference forcing me to flip the power switch too many times). Sadly, though, it fits with other things that are going on. There are files on that disk, of course, that I can no longer access.

(On the other hand, if they fucked with that harddrive, that means that there is a possibility that I can “unfuck” it again.)

I can deal with things that go wrong for normal reasons, but I have no answers for Portsmouth’s relentless immense cowardly (as mostly anonymous) viciousness. People here sabotage strangers to death for no other reason than that’s what people do, in Portsmouth. Many sabotage each other to death too. “Strong community sense”? My ass!

From some – thankfully certainly not all – of the staff at the public libraries to one person at my GP practice – the latter person now gone, thankfully; she seriously particularly deserves to die of Covid or at least fall seriously ill with Covid as that would be poetic justice in this case; no, GP practice, I never told you about that because I don’t know why she did what she did – there’s been the vilest imaginable hate. There is a particularly nasty bitch at the public libraries – usually works at Central – whose name I don’t know but who is probably about my age, perhaps slightly younger but no more than ten years younger is my guess; I took her photo one day to have some kind of record. She’s rather subdued these days, but she’s revealed herself as the shockingly nasty bitch that she is.

(Did I already mention that my landlord’s electrician lives more or less around the corner? Have you heard of power-line hacking? You do know that there is unused capacity on electrical wires that you can use for data, I hope. That is also how those wifi plugins work. The landlord’s assistant has refused to give me the electrician’s name and said that that electrician is someone who would never betray the landlord as “they’ve gone to primary school together”. But he’s half my age, that electrician. His employer is my age, by contrast.)

Portsmouth is IMMENSELY VICIOUS. VILE. Vicious, vicious, vicious, this place. And often utterly lawless.

A lot of this vicious activity is arranged from Winchester Road, by the way. It goes from lock-picking to get into your flat when you’re out (to carry out all kinds of crap and also to get to your equipment, to hack it) to not delivering most of your postal mail so that you cannot respond to important mail.

And standing up against it, fighting back against it makes matters much worse. They want you to be afraid, shut up about them, crawl into a corner and let them continue to push you further into deep poverty and other kinds of misery without a peep of protest.


Shortly after I moved to Portsmouth, I encountered a woman who told me she was being targeted and I didn’t believe her. She sounded delusional to me, perhaps as if she could no longer able to keep up with modern developments. “Why would anyone be targeting her?”, I thought. “That’s crazy.”

I am so ashamed of that now. Also, it makes me feel stupid. I should have listened to Audrey and should have done my utmost to get out of Portsmouth as soon as possible. I was still living in Southsea at the time. When I finally “got the message”, it was too late. And I was no longer living in Southsea.

As I am typing this, I realize that she and I had an important factor in common, which means that she was likely being targeted by the same crowd. Also, she and I were both over 45, both independent and both self-employed, by the way. She was English but had lived abroad.

Portsmouth is vicious.

If you want to know more, look into the case of Bijan Ebrahimi. Portsmouth is like that. Police, Civic Offices staff and random strangers making the lives of people like me a living hell. For years and years.

And Portsmouth City Council wants to attract more businesses to Portsmouth while sticking its head in the sand over the fact that there are too many people in Portsmouth who literally already have a problem with strangers who walk down their street to and from the train station. (I’ve encountered such types in St Paul’s Road. They pushed me against the wall.)

Come live and work in Portsmouth. It’s Chichester-by-the-Sea. Really.

And Steve Pitt and Gerald Vernon-Jackson seem to believe that it’s best to not let Lynne Stagg know that this kind of thing is going on in Portsmouth… yeah, she might get just as incensed and angry as I, eh?, and want to do something about it. I’ve sat on a forum with her and through that I have gotten a pretty good idea of how she ticks. There also was a news item one day about how she dealt with yobs who were pestering people. She is not “political” enough, eh? She actually wants to get things done and she might actually want to help make this place a better place to live in. She is not into meaningless photo ops. She’s a former teacher, not a career politician.

By the way, the lock to the LibDem office gets picked too, and items are stolen. I have seen it happen. Someone from a flat across the street appears to be watching the door and watches for items being posted through the door etc. I can’t be sure about the truth of that latter sentence but I am damn sure about the rest.

NEVER leave mail for people in Portsmouth unless you can hand it to them personally or at least deliver it within their sight. This also goes for any parties working at the Civic Offices to a large degree. If someone – for whatever reasons – does not want your letter or completed form to reach a certain person or department at the Civic Offices, it will simply disappear. 

People at the Civic Offices even have the ability to make your address disappear, which then makes it disappear from the Royal Mail database and from the databases that for example broadband providers use as well. (That’s happened to me too, yes.)

Local people can also disconnect your business landline if they want to and then take months to remedy the problem.

In this video, I talk about harddisk problems and I apologize to Google. Here are two links about the latter, if you want to do this too: https://gadgetstouse.com/blog/2020/07… https://www.fosslinux.com/25170/how-t…

That “disintegrating harddisk” that I mention in the video? This was shortly after I moved from Amsterdam to Southampton. I stretched its life considerably by staying on top of the bad blocks. That too is sustainable living, folks! Ha ha! Don’t run to the shops for new stuff all the time but upcycle, repurpose, use what you already have for as long as possible (provided that’s safe) and make use of what others have discarded.

I have a video in which I talk about how I made a standing desk out of materials that I already had. That solution is still working super. https://youtu.be/Liu8GXGEJHk

You do not really “get rid” of bad blocks on a harddisk surface, of course, but you can tell your operating system to ignore those blocks, that is, not use them. The major problem disk that I am dealing with right now seems to have a problem with the heads, by contrast. I can hear and feel them do stuff that they shouldn’t be doing.

I don’t think that the disk surface was that bad. I’ll have to see what I can do with it. It’s going to be a matter of luck. I will leave this disk alone until I have a new disk to store any contents I can still recover. Cross your fingers, please. Thanks.

A tip for others whose computer freezes too often. (Let’s not talk about how this can come about, ha ha.) If you need to flip the wall switch or pull the plug, wait for all the sound to die down before you power up again. I understand that the momentum of the platters allows the heads to return to their parking stations when a drive loses power, but if you interfere with that by powering things up too soon, you may cause the heads to bounce on the platters or get stuck on the platters or whatever. I don’t know for a fact whether this is correct, but it sounds perfectly reasonable and it also matches my instincts. But when you’re ticked off – freezing computers can have that effect on a person – reasonableness sometimes goes out of the window.

If your system drive has a platter surface problem, you may find that you get really strange things happening when you visit websites. You get the impression that some websites are not working properly. That’s what I had all those years ago. That is why I still may format and reinstall the other drive after all. It could be that it has a vital part of the system sitting in those four bad blocks right now. I don’t think so. More importantly, I am also not really happy with how that drive appears to sound off and on; I will open the case one of these days and have a listen with the computer running. I tried running Linux from CD-ROM in an attempt to access that Linux partition on that disk, but that didn’t work either. It’s encrypted so that is likely why.

Maybe I should tell you, after all, that I’ve had jokers who do all sorts of weird things such as gear up fans – oh yeah – and in general mess around with my phones and computers – they picked the locks to get to my equipment! – so it is harder for me these days to assess the true health of my equipment. I used to be so on top of that!

While I was putting this video together, the files in the directory briefly disappeared to let me know that the disappearance of files and directories on my other harddisk earlier this year had nothing to do with that harddisk failing. Good to have that confirmation.

And for those who do not know that… in the UK, wall sockets have switches, so a wall socket can be on or off. 

3 thoughts on “What it is – can be – like to live in Portsmouth

  1. I got a new drive but I am afraid to use it because I am constantly being forced to flip the power switch at the wall when the Pompey thugs in my computer freeze the damn thing. Is this driven by a neurodiversity issue? Sadly, it’s probably mostly just anti-foreigner terrorism though there is some neurodiversity involved. But these cowards almost always conveniently remain anonymous. And most of the issues are NOT related to neurodiversity but to Portsmouth’s hostile climate, as far as I can tell.


  2. Sorry Portsmouth, but you really do have to stop terrorizing and sabotaging people to death. (It is just pertinently not true that literally all of this has been due to Mr S. H. It’s never even been logistically feasible. He doesn’t even live in Portsmouth, for starters. So stop giving me this shitty stuff about “wind” and what not, you stupid local pieces of script-kiddies hacker shit. Including C.)

    Buy your own goddamn corkscrews instead of going into my flat to get mine and stop taking a digital hammer to my equipment AND to my clients, friends, family and other connections all the time.

    Ten years ago, I got the “message” that what was going on was like hazing. The same “hazing” had already made me lose my home, however, after which the “hazing” got even worse. The “hazing” also cost me my stuff in the US, which had always been something to look forward to, for me.

    You have no lives and you feel that nobody else should have a life either then. Well, that’s got nothing to do with me, goddammit.

    It was never “hazing”. It’s goddamn terrorism.

    This “Pompey born and bred” shit is just a euphemism for domestic terrorism, period.

    My patience with your “Pompey born and bred” shit ran out a long time ago.


    • Man, I wish I knew what this bizarre mess really is. Is this really typical Pompey culture (which is also really bizarre)?

      Why do so many people in Portsmouth seem to know very well what is going on? Or do they just think that they do?


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