Here we go again (also: workplace bullying)

Lots of “honking” from the flat under mine and, presto…! My computer freezes again and I have to flip the power switch on the wall to get my computer out of the freeze. 

And my computer – again – asking me if I want to leave the site. And no, it had nothing to do with browser windows or tabs.

Very funny. 

Now here is the thing that I want employers in southeastern England and London – where the incidence of workplace bullying is relatively high – to be much more aware of… If you have such people like my downstairs neighbour as employees, you may also have other employees for example having to wonder much too often whether their cup of tea contains any urine.

Either of these groups of employees may be very talented. But to what extent are they able to benefit your company, when one spends too much time bullying others and the other spends too much time being very tense and jittery?

Not all workplace tension can be resolved easily. But some of it can. And you as an employer have a duty to do your best-est to help your staff be the best they can be. If you don’t, some of your staff may quit and then sue you for constructive dismissal.

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The need for good data protection practices at utility companies

I just received a call from a utility company and yet again found myself dealing with someone who does not understand that asking me for my name, address and date of birth has nothing to do with data protection.

My name and address are all over the internet, for starters, because I am a company director. My year of birth therefore is too. My birthday is available from so many organisations and companies! Half of Portsmouth, so to speak, has access to these data and many people outside of Portsmouth have access to them too.

If someone calls me about a complaint and thinks that it is okay to snub me when I challenge the company’s data protection practices and ask “How do you know that this is me and not for example one of my neighbours?”, I am not impressed.

(What’s more, how do I know that the call came from a utility company and not from someone who wanted to have my “confidential” data?) 

Watch this video below. Pay attention to the WOMAN who calls from her phone which displays the MAN’s phone number on the screens of the parties she calls and who sounds like a MAN when she does that.