Here we go again (also: workplace bullying)

Lots of “honking” from the flat under mine and, presto…! My computer freezes again and I have to flip the power switch on the wall to get my computer out of the freeze. 

And my computer – again – asking me if I want to leave the site. And no, it had nothing to do with browser windows or tabs.

Very funny. 

Now here is the thing that I want employers in southeastern England and London – where the incidence of workplace bullying is relatively high – to be much more aware of… If you have such people like my downstairs neighbour as employees, you may also have other employees for example having to wonder much too often whether their cup of tea contains any urine.

Either of these groups of employees may be very talented. But to what extent are they able to benefit your company, when one spends too much time bullying others and the other spends too much time being very tense and jittery?

Not all workplace tension can be resolved easily. But some of it can. And you as an employer have a duty to do your best-est to help your staff be the best they can be. If you don’t, some of your staff may quit and then sue you for constructive dismissal.


And for those who wonder what I was doing… I am in the middle of building a clean enclosure so that – instead of potentially having to spend thousands by letting some company do this for me – I can take a look at my hard disk drive and see if there is anything wrong with it that I can solve long enough to get my data off it.

A nice coincidence is that it will allow me to use the polycarbonate panes that I ordered some time ago for a different purpose. (Our front door.) I will very likely have to cut one – or maybe I can let them overlap or stick out – and I will have to tape the two panes together. But they should work. The alternative would have been to go buy something else. Why do that if I already have something at hand that may work well enough?

The flat I live in has a truly insane amount of dust in the air – owing to the landlord special on the floor, I am sure – and that gets into hard disk drives too. So it’s possible that the heads of my hard disk drive have a lot of dust on them. There is no way that I am going to look at this drive without building a clean enclosure first, in any case.

Of course, having to throw the power off your drives all the time and powering them up again is not something that tends to make hard disk drives very happy either. It tends to land heads crashing into the platters.

As do… well, let’s call it “electrical issues”… Not make HDDs happy, I mean.

For those of you out there who now panic… no worries, I have some Class-100 clean lab experience so I am not a complete novice.

And for those of you who still don’t believe me, yes, I am a scientist. You can take the person out of science but you can’t take the scientist out of the person.

Too many people out there seem to think that science is like doing your taxes. No! Not at all! But then again, too many people out there have no idea what true entrepreneurship is like either. They are not necessarily that different.

It has a lot to do with rising above yourself in life. It is about taking yourself and your own petty little issues out of the equation and focusing on things outside of you, things that exist completely independent of you. It is about indulging in that and accepting that relative to all those things, you are not much. Just a little gear wheel, at best. That’s bliss, that’s wealth.


4 thoughts on “Here we go again (also: workplace bullying)

  1. What else I am using for the clean air enclosure besides those see-through panes that I happened to have? A Numatic HEPA-FLO bag that I happened to have (goes into my vacuum cleaner, normally). Cardboard boxes that I already had (for two halogen heaters and one printer). Unibond tape, which I purchased as I happened to have run out of it, but it was already on my shopping list. Marigold powder-free latex-free multi-purpose disposable gloves that cost £7. Two empty yogurt containers that I already had. One Pringles-style cardboard container.

    Scissors, a Stanley knife to cut the cardboard, a cutting board, glue, all of which I already had.

    And I’ll use my vacuum cleaner to remove any dust from the compartment. I likely have all the screwdrivers etc that I need too. (Unless I need that star-shaped kind. You know what I mean. Torx! I used to have a set of those, for the giant desk that I used to have, but I am lucky if I still have only one and that won’t be a small one. But I think they’re pretty rarely needed for IT equipment, for the kind of thing that I sometimes do. We’ll see.)


    • By the way, this kind of thing – building a clean enclosure so that I may be able to recover data from my HD – is why many people in Portsmouth consider me a dim light bulb. Dimwitted. I am supposed to send my HDD off to a recovery firm and spend hundreds to thousands. Because that is what they would do, these smart people.

      Just like I am supposed to buy a tripod for my phone instead of using the frame of a Christmas tree that I found discarded and that works just as well.

      I am also supposed to be very happy staring at the walls all day, or watching telly or something. Like a proper decent old person or person in my position would do or whatever. Ha ha!

      If this works well, I may even occasionally be able to offer to help some of the local people out for a fraction of the kind of fees that they can’t afford, if I manage to recover (some of their) data. Or for free.


  2. I can’t help but wonder if my immediate downstairs neighbour – the dude that so desperately wants me to leave Portsmouth or England but at the same time wants the opposite, too, does not want me to leave, at all – thought I was packing boxes as the sounds of cardboard being handled and tape being pulled off a roll must have been audible in his flat. (I don’t think I’ve ever come across walls and ceilings as flimsy as in England.)


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