Messages sent to Clair Stevens at PCC

I received a phone call this afternoon that I could not answer for some reason. When I tried to call the person’s switchboard/central number, the call would not go out. When I called the person’s direct line, I got a voice mail message telling me that she was unavailable. I left a voicemail and sent the e-mail messages below.


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Ouch! The Netherlands!

Okay, I fume a lot about England, but have also already admitted that the Netherlands has handled the pandemic badly. They should have had real lockdowns from the start.

Imposing a curfew was bound to meet with resistance, but what’s been going on, the smashing up of the shops of store owners who have nothing to do with any of this, it breaks my heart.

Those are scenes I’d be quicker to associate with England, not with the Netherlands.

I am ashamed of my home country at the moment.