Messages sent to Clair Stevens at PCC

I received a phone call this afternoon that I could not answer for some reason. When I tried to call the person’s switchboard/central number, the call would not go out. When I called the person’s direct line, I got a voice mail message telling me that she was unavailable. I left a voicemail and sent the e-mail messages below.


Hello Clair,

I am so sorry about that. I could not answer the call when it came in. I don’t know why.

I am dealing with several issues that stop me from making a living, which is very frustrating.

A major factor is the hacking and I suspect that besides a number of local script kiddies it involves an individual who is autistic and considers himself helpful (and may even see himself as married to me) but is actually disruptive and does not understand that. This seems to go with autism.

I have also in the past suggested that maybe we could stick to certain hours in which he could be in my computer so that he would be experienced by me as less disruptive, but then he would throw an absolute hissyfit in my computer if I switched on the computer a little later. That too seems to go with autism.

I have no experience with autism. I don’t want to hurt this individual in any way but I also don’t want him to keep smashing my life to pieces, while he thinks he is being helpful either. Some form of mediation may help? 

I must say that there has been a lot less hacking disruption in the past few days, which is a huge relief, but it comes much too late. I have been dealing with this for so many years but could never get anyone to listen to help me resolve whatever is going on.

He may also be the main person who has been going into my flat a lot when I am out and picks the locks to get in.





I believe that Steve Pitt knows the person’s brother. That may be helpful to know. That brother does not live in Portsmouth, however (and may be dealing with some neurodiversity issues of his own).

Have you spoken with Steve Pitt? I had met him before I moved to Portsmouth and at some point after I moved to Portsmouth, he e-mailed me to my surprise and told me that if people were bothering me, to go to him. That was over a decade ago. 

I have spoken about the lock-picking with the landlord, already years ago. He dismissed it as just being local kids, nothing to worry about. (Seriously!) The landlord and I made an appointment to meet but he never showed. Typical. There is almost never a response to any issue we tenants face such as broken locks or broken lights and we tend to fix things ourselves.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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