THIRD message for Clair Stevens and one thousandth for all PCC staff, including Gerald Vernon-Jackson

Stop playing silly games. Are you people all between 5 and 10 years old and in that stage at which you test the adults’ patience or do you all have a narcissistic personality disorder, perhaps? Are you all Boris Johnson clones? WHAT?

I very very rarely hear back from anyone at PCC (and when I do hear back, it is usually only 6 to 12 months later). There’s plenty of silly insulting game-playing going on at PCC that is against English law, however. (Ask Mr Thomas Young. Ask GVJ, too.) 

I have to ask clients in the Netherlands to call GVJ to get to talk with you people? That’s RIDICULOUS. That’s a disgrace!

Karel Keesman, a professor at Wageningen University who does not even know me personally, called last time.

Should he really call you again? Why would he, after the local hacking forced me to stop accepting any work from my clients in academia as of 29 September 2020? 

If I had known that Portsmouth was such a disgusting smelly cesspool in which 5-to-10-year-olds muck about day in day out, making fun of the grownups who they love to see fall with their faces in the muck, I would never have moved here in the first place.

Southampton was unpleasant but it was nothing like Portsmouth.

All that bizarre class shit and other kinds of disgusting bigotry (that also seem to be at the root of all the hateful hostile local bullying crap) here in Portsmouth are a disgrace! Shameful!


In the past, I have contacted the Red Cross about this, the United Nations and also my Embassy (but I did the latter anonymously, from an e-mail address that I have only used for my communications with the Embassy; all they can do is come visit you should you end up in prison here). A colleague of mine in Amsterdam once reported me missing to Dutch police, in a period when there was a heck of lot of messing with my e-mail. All Dutch police did was… e-mail me. They wanted me to e-mail a selfie back. I initially was very angry about my colleague having gone to Dutch police because he thought that they would contact my local police and that would likely have led to even more local crap. But I understand why he did it. 


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