The Clair Stevens (PCC) thing

I have now heard back from Ms Stevens.

I understand that the reason why I was unable to answer her call a few days ago was that she had a sudden emergency on her hands and therefore had to cut the connection the moment I picked up. 

(That still does not explain why I was unable to call the central number from which she called me – 02392687000 – after that. I tried twice.)

I have no idea what she does at PCC but I have noticed that her e-mails are oddly bland. She does not seem to have any kind of online presence.


Okay, we have spoken and I feel a bit sorry for the waterfall of words she had to listen to, but I’ve been dealing with this for SO LONG. And for SO LONG, nobody’s been willing to listen to me about this, locally. 

And some people have been a little bit too ready to dismiss me as “delusional”, “vulnerable” and god knows what else. So that comes into it too. Anger and fear about being dubbed “delusional” again and people mentioning my potentially so-called pressured speech again.

She thought that I must be feeling quite unsafe over the lock-picking. Yes, I used to, but after having dealt with this for so long, I’ve gotten over that. I just want my life back.

(I did not mention the animals to her, the animals that were hurt, deliberately – once IN my flat while I was out – apparently just to spite me… Should I have? I did not mention the issues with the bully who currently lives in the flat right under me either. Should I have?)

I am very willing to sit down with anyone who may be autistic or may have DID and see how, maybe (if possible), I too could help support him. Of course! Openly! As opposed to him hacking my life to pieces! But I don’t want him – them? – to control my life the way he has been doing. 

And Portsmouth’s community bullying culture needs to be addressed too. It’s hate. It’s pure hate. There is not an ounce of anything positive in it.


Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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