More hacker interference

So, this morning, my 32-bit computer has already frozen twice. First, during an e-mail I was composing and second, when I was about to write this post.

See, after the computer froze the first time, I spotted yet another mysterious browser tab opened, about the app “Sensemaker Collector”.

Some 10 days ago, I found two new tabs opened on the site “chemist 4 u”. I did not know about that site, had not visited it, but had been looking for something of which I didn’t know whether it was available in the UK (IPA, also known as rubbing alcohol, I believe). 

Within the past months, I have browser tabs seen opened on the topic of marriage, about the song “Exile” by Tailor Swift and a few other bits and pieces. Roger Daltrey doing a u-turn on his assessment of the effect of Brexit, too, popped up on my screen recently.

My immediate downstairs neighbour was doing some new strange stuff overnight again. (It seemed to have woken me up.)

There is more. On 14 January 2021, I received a once-only automated gmail reply to a message sent on 13 January. That was odd, as autoresponders tend to act instantly. Was there a gmail outage on 13 or 14 January? I checked. YES, THERE WERE GMAIL PROBLEMS THAT DAY! (You have no idea how pleased I was to discover that! When you’ve been subjected to all kinds of hacking for a long time, including messing with e-mail, all you want is logical explanations for any deviations that have nothing to do with hacking.)

One thought on “More hacker interference

  1. I am SO SICK of being sabotaged to death. Can whoever the hell is doing this, whether it is O2 staff, my vicious English bully of a downstairs neighbour or the guy who’s called himself Lee/Charles/Charlie in his interactions with me and who apparently lives in Winchester Road a few blocks away from me here in Portsmouth finally finally finally finally STOP FUCKING WITH ME, GODDAMMIT!!!!

    This sick crap has been going on for twelve years!!! ENOUGH!!!


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