Hacker(s)/O2 staff/downstairs English neighbour/whoever

Freezing my computer in the morning happened on the past few days except this morning. Because I was doing things to get my life back on the road. My hacker finds that interesting because it means that he can do things to thwart it.

Yesterday, after my computer froze, I found another browser tab opened, as I already mentioned, about the app “Sensemaker Collector”.

This morning, I tried to post something to Twitter but couldn’t. 

When I wanted to do some more things to get my life back on the road, I found that surprise surprise once again, I couldn’t. This is how it’s gone just about every time I did just about anything within just about any kind of professional context since mid-2011. 

Think of for example domain names being available and suddenly no longer being available, for example. Or think of me wanting to pay a bill, not doing it right that second but coming back to it a few hours later and then discovering that I can’t. Think of me communicating with someone, from say a school in Canada or an agency in London, and then finding that I am not communicating with that actual person but with whoever the digital joker is. All those sudden remarks and threats about dogs. (And the injured animals, to spite me. NOT FUNNY!)

Since a few days, when I send out e-mail, I now sometimes see a message “processing”, even if there is no attachment. And an e-mail I just sent was suddenly duplicated on my screen. Where did it go to?

Steve Pitt, did you get this? That message? And why did you contact me in your capacity of someone who ran a local pub all those years ago to say that I should come to you if people were bothering me – I had no idea what that was supposed to have to do with you – but have you essentially refused to talk about it with me since (but do you appear to be pretty frustrated about what’s been going on in spite of that)?

That, Mr Pitt, seems to tell me that I am not dealing with some Portsmouth-related neurodiversity issue(s)m but… with what? PURE HATE?

I have to keep beating the drum about this locally because my goddamn life is at stake. I want my goddamn life back. I need my life back! I have been harping on about this for 12 years yes, because it has been going on for 12 years but got much worse since I moved into my current flat.

I want whoever the hell is doing this to stop doing this. If he (they?) needs support and if I can help with that in some way, then let’s get whoever the hell this is support but let’s put a  stop to him or them sabotaging my life anonymously. 

Why did – for example – someone among other things take 5 to 10 pairs of colourful socks from my dirty laundry in July 2020 and dump what looked like some cigarette ash into my dirty laundry?


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