And after that…

… half an hour or so of utterly pathetic crap, gearing up the computer fan, making the thing beep like hell and what not. It stopped abruptly after I shot off an e-mail – from my phone – about how utterly pathetic this was.

As BOTH my computers froze, I know it was no coincidence. Besides, I have had twelve years of this…

Who’s doing this? As far as I could tell, but it is hard to tell, this time it was whoever was in the flat below me at the time. That does not have to be the legal resident. The locks to that flat get picked too, after all.

One thought on “And after that…

  1. Everything is peaceful.

    Whoever is doing this kind of destructive shit that robs you of your time is a manipulative sadist. Period. Also… it looks like once again, none of my messages are going out and are all stuck on that person’s computer. Hard to tell with no way of connecting with people IRL.


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