What happened yesterday evening

I received a text message that looked like it was delayed by weeks (namely that the call credit on that phone is zero), on the phone on which my bank no longer sends me 2FA codes.

OK, maybe that message was supposed to serve as a reminder, some kind of commercial trick to top up. Except, I also remember that its balance had suddenly dropped to zero from 7 or so, on that phone. Weeks ago.

Did I mention that my “verified by VISA” procedures haven’t worked in years either? That screen zips by on my PC screen. Haven’t had to enter any of those details for years.

Did I mention that I know that I used to be on someone else’s network? When I still used Windows and still did regular LLFs and reinstalls, I knew how to remove myself from having been put on someone else’s network illegally. In those days, I still had proper broadband.

There have been days since on which several sites suddenly looked so differently, all at once.



But hey, I am just an old cow who is going senile and doesn’t want to admit it.

Today and tomorrow, I am going to tackle some more stuff. I have 12 years of being dismissed as a delusional old cow behind me. Any idea how exhausting that is, on its own? Battling all the stupid windmills in other people’s minds just to be allowed… to LIVE again? Yes, the lockdown is making some things much harder as so many offices are closed. No, I cannot afford to let that stop me. I want my life back.


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