Covid-related suggestion for Portsmouth City Council

Open an enquiry window at the Civic Offices.

Payments are possible there and I believe that this payments area is secluded, bank-like. So workers would be protected.

Right now, anyone can call us – residents of Portsmouth – and claim to be calling on behalf of PCC and quite a few of us may have absolutely no way of verifying that properly right now. The Civic Offices have been CLOSED SINCE 23 MARCH 2020.

Scam calls and e-mails and text messages abound in chaotic situations like this pandemic. There are other things that some of us might like to be able to verify in person somewhere and currently cannot.

For me personally, it is like that too. My hacker typing the word “yes” on my screen or otherwise suggesting things on my screen, that does not count as verification. (Interestingly, this paragraph disappeared and I had to re-type it.)

I have had so many spoofed calls, texts, e-mails and other messages in the past decade that I have become very aware of the possibility that almost any communication that comes in could be a spoof. And I am finding that I can’t verify most of what comes in because so many offices are closed. Face-to-face communications have almost disappeared.

I’ve sent an e-mail about this to the City Council Leader and the Deputy Council Leader.