Waiting for the locksmith…

However… I just received two e-mails that hint at the possibility that someone called and cancelled the appointment, pretending to be me.

I thought that this might happen… (lol)

We’ll see.

As long as my door is not secure, I cannot undertake ANY KIND OF PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES, however.


And I am a little fed up with having been forced to watch YouTube videos all day for so long… Enough!

So… I will MAKE lots of them. Even if I may not even be able to upload them…

So, I spent ten minutes making a video and after I had watched this video, I had a message about the locksmith having been delayed. That message came half an hour after the appointment. Is that message legit? I have no idea – we will see – but as it has stopped raining, I was about to go out… I cannot call them as I will have no idea whether I will end up speaking with the locksmith or with a local joker. Have had so many prank calls since I moved to Portsmouth, both incoming and outgoing.

Okay, the message was legit! Yay!!!

Locksmith has been.

(This – me taking more action about the locks – is also why there was this utter pandemonium on both my computers yesterday, I suppose. That stopped abruptly after I shot off an e-mail – from my phone – about how pathetic that pandemonium was. )

The locksmith must have wondered about the reminder I have on my door to not let the police or anyone else bully me and to stand up for myself. I should have removed it, for his sake.

Now I need to find the money to pay for what needs to be done. Because with all these recent IT expenses, I can’t afford much else at the moment. I’ll find a way.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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