IT, operation external HDD, continued

The right Torx screw driver has arrived!

PCB does look like it’s suffered from humidity, yeah. Poor thing.

So, out comes the IPA. (And an old mask.) Fingers crossed.

And yes, that’s exactly the points that drive the heads. And they look really corroded. (Amazing that it still worked…) And I don’t know whether any amount of cleaning can still fix that.

So… fingers crossed, the internals may still be relatively super duper and, if so, that would be great and if so, then I am damn grateful that I kept putting off opening the drive (because with that, risk goes up).

(So it was a conductivity issue, likely, that caused the temperature effect.)

It looks only a teeny tiny bit cleaner now. Less visible in the photo than IRL, but they do look slightly cleaner. Will it be enough? No idea. Those contact points are really heavily corroded… I wonder what they looked like when they were new. I’ll continue cleaning some more.


See below; does look a little bit better now. (Angled to show that it looks a bit more like a “proper” metal again.)

To be continued. Fingers crossed. Would be nice if this did the trick. Understatement of the year, probably.

Following morning: Now the HDD makes a kind of sound that I have heard in videos on YouTube (two attempted head movements out of the parking station) and then spins down, when plugged into the 32-bit PC, but it did not do that with the 64-bit PC. I do not have pencil-tip erasers but I do have erasers, so I gave those a shot. Looks a lot cleaner now. See below.

After that, I continued to have more or less the same as before. It spins up, but the heads don’t move of their parking bay.

Yeah, sounds like it is going to start up like normal in the 64-bit PC, but doesn’t.

As it’s mostly run with the 32-bit PC and it’s sitting a bit better there, I will have it plugged in there and see what it does.

The head stack seems to be the issue and possibly specifically power to the head stack. Hmm.

Improvements that I notice:

HDD gets warm now. Not hot. Warm.

HDD communicates better with PC. No longer makes PC slow down for a long time when the PC is trying to figure out what the hell is plugged into its USB port, and when plugged in and then warm rebooted, the 32-bit PC said “non-system medium” when I rebooted it, which meant that it SAW it and made more sense of it. That PC also sees USB stick as non-system disk. (But it used to boot up fine with that HDD plugged in.)

I should clean the PCB of that PC’s internal HDD too.

Currently has been making attempts to do its thing again.

Getting my files back would sure help so I can’t quite afford yet to ignore this issue. That said, must move on in spite of this, too.

(These posts are for all the people with similar issues.)

Heard it. (Behind me.) Looked in Linux disks, and it shows up there again. A little improvement. And all the bytes show up!!! All the 2 TB! (unlike last time when it had “lost” 180 GB) But that serial number looks weird.

Trying to go into R-Linux now. Ah. THAT is where 1.82 TB show up. That is the data.

It is showing up as device! For the first time again since it collapsed.

Definitely making progress!



But then I get i/o errors.

Okay, warm reboot.

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