Next thing I did

Another attempt to sort out the strange mess with my electricity supply.

Thank you, Jack and Bebe. Fingers crossed!

This saga has included my address being listed incorrectly in the national database (hence companies not being able to find me when I call them, similar to when my address in Southsea had completely disappeared, leaving me unable to get a (business) phone line and broadband and the bazillion other database errors that followed me around since then), me having been signed up to a service without my knowledge (that happens a lot), erroneous transfers (those happen a lot) and postal mail that I never received.

(It’s also included me getting fed up with it all a few times.)

What this may be about?

SOMEONE making fun of me having stated that I like solving problems, just like me having stated that I looked forward to reconnecting with an old friend and potential business associate led to our communication – whether via WhatsApp, Skype or phone – being cut off and forcing me to reconnect so many times when we wanted to talk that this contact is now lost forever.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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