So, what happened this morning?

I received a text message saying “test” that I sent to myself, to test if that 2FA phone was working properly… But I sent that message weeks ago! That is the phone on which I am no longer getting my bank’s 2FA codes.

I have not heard back from the locksmith yet, but that’s okay, nothing unusual about that.

I have not heard back from Clair Stevens yet. She wanted to talk with me yesterday morning but the timing was not convenient. That too does not seem unusual. She seems to have lots of emergencies to tackle.

Yesterday, I also shot off a brief e-mail to my landlord. I have no idea whether he has received it. When someone else is grabbing all your texts and e-mails… that is kinda hard to tell right now, with so many places closed and no way of verifying many things IRL (face to face) anywhere.

One of my own challenges with assessing various situations is that I have gotten to know England as a pretty disorganised mess, overall, and not getting responses to communications is “the usual”. Getting a response is the exception, not the norm, in England, in my experience. Now add a pandemic and a lengthy lockdown to that…

I’ve also just found that I’ve been logged out of one site where I was logged in. This happens a lot. The times I get told that my password is invalid, well, I’ve lost count…

Oh, and I really need more exercise! 


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