This, this mess in my life

This is why I must advocate for embracing and supporting the full range of existing neurodiversity because the people at the far ends feel so left out, so abandoned, so misunderstood that a bit of kindness and understanding from me has led to years and years of …. whatever exactly this is.

And I too, I cause lots of upheaval. This works both ways. Because I do not know what kind of “world” I am dealing with so I too undoubtedly cause lots of confusion because I say things from my perspective, not from theirs.

(I am not a full-blown empath, but I seem to “get” some things that not everyone gets. Beside the point. This is not about me.)

There is a very different kind of logic at work here – in whatever this is – that is just as logical to the people who apply that as “our” kind of logic is for neurotypical people.

It’s BIRDS that have made me aware of the fact that there is more than just one kind of logic. They too apply logic. (Birds, I mean.) This is because a lot of what we consider “logic” actually builds on existing knowledge. Without that knowledge, very different conclusions can be just as logical.

More in a minute.

All of this, it drains a huge amount of energy from me. Keep in mind that I NEVER talk with who exactly this is, who is messing with my life. So my mind sometimes goes into overdrive trying to figure this out, not to mention “fixing” the various messes. (And knowing that I often sound like a complete lunatic while I am trying to fix the various messes, lol. That’s okay. Doesn’t matter. Well, rarely.)

And I probably pick up on the energy of the person who threw that total hissyfit on my computers and printer the other day upon learning that I was having a different lock installed. He or they must be in a lot of turmoil.

If only we could sit down and have tea or coffee. And have some kind of intermediary present because let’s face it…. I am not sure what exactly it is that I am dealing with. Let alone who…

We need more safe spaces for the people on the far ends of neurodiversity. The only safe spaces they know, I presume, are their homes?

(I know that the lockdowns have created extra challenges for autistic people because they rely so heavily on routines.)

I’ll follow this up with some videos.

We need to foster greater understanding for the full range of neurodiversity. And acceptance. At the moment, society mostly… rejects, right? That alone must be the cause of so many problems.


Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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